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GLOCK Tactical Light with Laser and Dimmer

GLOCK Tactical Light with Laser and Dimmer

The GLOCK Tactical Light 22 offers a solution for those users who cannot afford compromise. The Red Laser (class 3R) is inserted into a shockproof and waterproof polymer housing and has convincingly outstanding operational safety. Simple and accurate adjustability in both axes guarantees precise targeting. Software-controlled temperature monitoring of the laser diodes permits operation in various temperature ranges. Paired with the proven GLOCK Xenon technology, you get a superior tactical light module that no police or military special unit should be without.The GTL 21 possesses a Touch Detent Switch (MCS) where the selected lighting function firmly engages, the GTL 22 offers an enhanced switch function. In addition to the standard on/off mode, the user can adjust the intensity of the Xenon light. It is perfect for noise-sensitive situations, since the activation of the switch is inaudible.


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Use a Glock Light for Better Illumination

Illuminate night shooting situations safely with Glock Lights, featuring intelligent technology. Glock lights are the smart choice for those seeking a critical, tactical advantage in a myriad of low light scenarios. Glock lights up the surroundings and supports target identification with its sophisticated, white light Xenon lamps. Gain consistent and optimal illumination, as well as ultra-efficient luminosity, through Glock’s innovative electronics’ design. Glock makes its Xenon illumination technology resistant to shocks by encasing it in the company’s trademark polymer. Though the highest luminosity is critical, Glock lights also come with additional advantages such as ambidextrous operation, adjustable focusing and secure mounting. The Glock gun lights are tested under a range of operating conditions to ensure exceptional results. When safety’s at sake, search our selection of tactical lights to shine innovative illumination.

Glock Tactical Lights Deliver Critical Situational Superiority

Rapid target acquisition in dark environments is the goal of Glock Tactical Lights. Prepare for shooting superiority with a Glock tactical module featuring a visible red laser. The laser is housed inside the shock-proof and waterproof polymer structure of the Glock tactical light. A Xenon lamp delivers a white light that is trusted by police and military units for its revolutionary luminosity. The intensity of light can be adjusted, and the lamp can be switched on silently. When the focus is safety and precise targeting, Glock accessories are the perfect match for your firearm. Operate these lights effectively in temperature extremes thanks to software monitoring. Glock tactical lights were created to serve special ops units who need sophisticated equipment that must go above and beyond during low light operations and in challenging conditions. Light the way to operational success with tactical lights. Also, be sure to see our full line of gun parts, including Glock tools.