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Glock Factory Barrel - G20 6" - 10mm Auto

Glock Factory Barrel - G20 6" - 10mm Auto

Glock OEM 6" 10mm factory extended "hunter" barrel for the Glock 20.


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Glock Replacement Barrels

Sometimes it’s all about trust. When you’re purchasing gun barrels, look to the preeminent manufacturer who created your firearm. Glock Replacement Barrels are backed by the reliability of one of the world’s most trusted gun makers. As a Glock distributor, Top Gun has your Glock barrels in stock for a full range of models. These are Glock replacement barrels from the factory built to the exacting specifications which contribute to improved range and accuracy. You can also expect a long life from your factory part thanks to the pioneering materials’ technology in every factory replacement barrel. Glock’s treatment process on its barrel and slide surfaces generates a level of hardness that’s close to that of a diamond, for optimum scratch and corrosion resistance. Every day, police departments, military units, and home defenders put their trust in Glock handguns and the company’s original parts.

Pursue Firing Precision with Glock Barrels for Sale

In the pursuit of firing perfection, you’ll want to view our Glock barrels for sale. High quality, aftermarket barrels intended for use in specific Glock models give owners a long list of advantages. Both replacement and conversion gun barrels for Glocks can be ordered from our site. The Lone Wolf match grade, replacement barrels are ready to drop in for tight dimensions without gunsmithing. They are precision machined from select stainless forgings, designed for the ultimate in accuracy, and built to stand up to a lifetime of shooting. Or order a conversion barrel manufactured to the highest standards and fully machined from superior grade stainless steel. In no time, you can drop in a conversion barrel for your G23 or G32 to take the pistol to 9mm. Personalize your firearm with a precision replacement or conversion barrel from among our Glock barrels for sale.

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