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Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Grips CZ-75, TZ-75, P-9

Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Grips CZ-75, TZ-75, P-9

Rubber Hogue grips with finger grooves for CZ pistols.


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CZ Grips

Choose CZ grips designed exclusively for the greatest level of form, fit, function, and comfort for these specific pistols. Our CZ grips feature a wrap-around design with perfectly proportioned finger grooves. The CZ grips by Hogue are the product of advanced molding of flexible, yet durable rubber. Hogue rubber wraparound grips for your CZ-75 or CZ-85 deliver confident handgun control and outstanding accuracy. Competition shooters will appreciate the texture that provides a stippling with less hand rub in contrast to more traditional checkering. The texture adds characteristic Hogue appeal to the firearm’s overall look, but also contributes to shooting functionality. The grip texture and finger grooves unite to give the shooter smoother performance without sacrificing firm control or consistency. You can achieve confident shooting with precision fit grips, as well as comfortable carry with the right pistol holsters.

CZ Hogue Grips Feature Recoil-Absorbing Feel

Trust CZ Hogue grips made for semi-automatic pistols. Law enforcement, competitive shooters, and concealed carriers do. Hogue uses a special molding process for non-slip rubber that actually brings you a recoil-absorbing feel, plus greater comfort and superior control. The rubber is bonded to a synthetic insert duplicating an inner stock grip configuration and resulting in exacting tolerances. With this famous Hogue accessory, you get a seamless, one-piece grip whose design is based on the structure of the hand. If you’re looking for a progressive, rubber wrap-around for your semi-automatic, a CZ Hogue grip is made to last through years of shooting. And these grips are fully relieved for speedloaders. Get a Hogue grip on your gun to hit the shooting target.