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Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Grips Beretta 92/96 Series

Hogue Rubber Finger Groove Grips Beretta 92/96 Series

Rubber Hogue grips with finger grooves for Beretta 92 and Beretta 96 pistols.


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Beretta Grip

If you want to change or improve your Beretta grip, rubber Hogue grips with finger grooves are designed for the Beretta 92 and 96 pistols. These are one-piece grips that installs effortlessly and requires no firearm modifications. After an easy installation, attain enhanced performance derived from distinct grip advantages. An innovative pattern on the Beretta grip creates maximum control in an attractive, non-irritating texture. Evenly balanced finger grooves contribute to the overall ergonomics and command of the firearm. The rubber construction is soft but never spongy. It’s firm enough for no-slip performance, even from sweating or cold hands. Hogue is a family business that aims for perfection when producing grips for particular pistols, such as the Beretta 92 and 96 series. Shop our site for reasonably priced, semi-automatic accessories and online gun parts.

The Beretta 92 Grip is Finger-Friendly Control

A Beretta 92 grip of molded rubber is shaped to work with the mechanics of the hand for improved function and a comfortable hold. The Hogue rubber grip undergoes state-of-the-art processing yet is still available at a very affordable price, in a design made to fit the 92 series. Your fingers naturally curve into the proportional finger grooves for exceptional handling. The special rubber endures years of action without splitting, while reducing impact and vibration. It clings securely to your Beretta semi-auto pistol, so you shoot without sliding concerns. The synthetic material resists the effects of oils and solvents that may be found around a firearm during gun cleaning or maintenance. If you would like a single-piece Beretta 92 grip that’s made in the U.S., we carry it at Top Gun Supply!