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Ahrends Grips

Ahrends grips look as good as they feel and function. You can own a precision product created with attention to detail by ordering a grip from this family-run company. Appealing woods and durable laminates are backed by craftsmanship and quality control in every Ahrends grip. The 1911 gun grips are made for the government and commander size frames, each with a cut on the back to house an ambidextrous safety. Diamond checkered and tactical checkered grips both have the standard bevel cut bottom and main spring housing pin cutout. The Cocobolo tactical grip for the 1911 was developed to be exceedingly functional. A smooth area supports a rapid and consistent draw, while protecting tender areas of the hand. The checkering adds security.

Functional Ahrends Revolver Grips Range from Tactical to Retro

Our selection of Ahrends Revolver Grips includes tactical stocks for S&W revolvers. These grips are made for control and feature a flat area at the front of the stock. Ahrends revolver grips include retro stocks for a traditional look, highlighted by a handsome appearance and performance. These are based on the classic S&W stock and feature rounded grips, in contrast to the tacticals. They’re available for the K/L and N frame revolvers. When it comes to Smith & Wesson revolvers , the concealed carry boot grip offers optimal concealment. It’s manufactured for round-butt K/L and N frames. The front of the grip is rounded, perfect for a smoother, comfortable carry, and it’s designed for recoil control. And then there’s the round-butt finger groove grip that unites control with concealment. It’s an option for J, K/L and N frame S&W revolvers. From grips to gun belts, our accessories keep you prepared.