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HK USP .40SW Tactical Barrel - THREADED

HK USP .40SW Tactical Barrel - THREADED

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical threaded barrel. Manufactured by the H&K factory in Germany. Designed to fit the full size .40S&W USP. Threads are M14.5x1LH. Barrel is 4.45" long.


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Heckler and Koch Barrels

We’re your source for Heckler and Koch Barrels engineered to fit your gun model. These barrels are manufactured according to rigorous standards in the Heckler and Koch factory. Replace your barrel with a genuine part built for enhanced performance and durability. The Heckler and Koch O-ring barrels deliver exact barrel-to-slide lockups so you experience reliable accuracy. You can find the barrel O-rings on our extensive parts pages. Order a factory Heckler and Koch barrel to rely on this company’s characteristic cold-hammer forging that ensures years of service and improved performance.

Factory Threaded Barrels for Your Gun that Perform

Get the right threaded barrels for your gun available for compact and full size firearms. Check our product descriptions to find out which barrel is designed to work perfectly with your model. Heckler & Koch is the German gun company featuring diligent manufacturing processes. We stock their threaded barrels for your gun, including the respected polymer USP series that H&K is famous for creating. You’ll find the H&K tactical threaded barrel for the full size 9mm USP, the threaded barrel that coordinates with the 45 Compact, and even more well-built barrels straight from the German factory.

H&K Gun Barrels Manufactured to Last

Order made-to-fit H&K Gun Barrels manufactured for a longer life and to support your firearm’s precision. You’ve chosen a weapon with a reputation for reliability. So choose factory gun parts built to the same standard. Purchase a barrel for your .357 Sig or .40 S&W from our H&K barrel selection. Heckler and Koch is a major supplier of exceptionally engineered small arms, and we’re your major gun barrel distributor providing original H&K gun barrels. As you perform repairs and replacements, also turn to us for the gun tools you need most.