Grayguns Sig Sauer P320 Hard Duty Use Trigger - Curved

Grayguns Sig Sauer P320 Hard Duty Use Trigger - Curved

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Weight 2.00 oz
Manufacturer Part Number TRG-SIG-320-CT

The Grayguns P320ST and P320CT triggers are specifically designed for guns that have gone through SIG Sauer’s® Voluntary Upgrade Program. The trigger is available in your choice of straight-face or curved-face design.

The Grayguns P320 trigger yields superior trigger pull results while supporting the voluntary upgrade’s enhanced reliability and rough handling performance qualities. It is designed for drop-in installation.

P320 Trigger – Straight or Curved – Specifications and Features

  • Specifically intended for use only in P320s that have gone through SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade Program.
  • Reduces total trigger pull weight approximately 2 pounds below factory-stock for the standard series, and about 1.25 pounds for the X-Five variant.
  • Designed for use with the SIG factory trigger bar spring
  • Minimal over-travel, stops at optimum trigger face angle
  • Smoother takeup and release sensation
  • Preserves factory sear engagement and mechanical safety values
  • Proven reliable and durable for high-volume professional use
  • Our triggers are externally comparable in appearance to the factory part
  • Limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

Fits all variations within the P320 (upgraded) system. Including all sizes, TACOPS Carry, X-VTAC, X-Carry, X-Five and RX versions.

This trigger was previously described as our Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger (PELT).

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Timothy Smith

Jan 31, 2018

Perfect fit, took my trigger pull from 7 1/2 pounds to 5 1/2 pounds. The original trigger felt great, I was worried that the new trigger may cause a “shmushy feel” or weak reset. This was not the case. The new trigger feels very similar to the original trigger which is awesome. My groups have shrunk when running the gun and/or training off hand. I am very happy with the purchase and the product shipped to my door quickly. Looking forward to my next match.
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Charles Chandler

Jan 11, 2018

This is an excellent trigger upgrade for your P320. I own two PELT triggers, one that I installed in a Compact RX, and the other in a subcompact. As advertised, it smooths out the trigger break and eliminates the feel of a "double break" that some P320s have. It also lightens the trigger pull significantly, in fact to a surprising degree if you install both the PELT trigger and trigger bar spring. I agree with Grayguns suggestion to install just the trigger in a carry gun, and install the trigger and trigger bar spring in a target gun. If you install both, you can end up with a lighter-weight trigger than you may want in a carry gun. In any case it's a sweet trigger, and I love it.
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Lee Ford

Dec 21, 2017

Love the feel of this trigger, flat faced rather than a radius like the OEM. Lighter, cleaner, smoother and crisper feel. The only thing that would be an improvement is a little more distinct, tactile reset, but that is something I don't anticipate having trouble getting used to.
As far as Top Gun Supply in general, I couldn't be more satisfied with customer service. They waste no time at all getting your order out and shipped to you. Good people, I'm very satisfied.
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Mike Rokicki

Oct 26, 2017

I am very pleased with the Grayguns PELT trigger kit. Lighter trigger pull not not too much. Easy to install.
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Apr 24, 2017

Sent my gun to gray guns for install of this trigger plus they say they polish internals. When it came back I was so disappointed the reset was junk and it no longer had that nice crisp wall before it breaks. Changed the trigger bar spring back to stock now it is perfect. Good stock feel and is breaking around 5 lbs which is perfect for me
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