Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit - Sig Sauer P-Series

Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit - Sig Sauer P-Series

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Weight 1.00 oz
Manufacturer Part Number SYS-SIG-22X-SRS

The custom-designed Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit incorporates SIG Sauer’s Safety Lever – with permission – and is designed to provide a smooth, short action reset in a drop in kit. The kit reduces the trigger reset travel by about 70 percent*, when using one of our dual adjustable triggers.

The really special part of this kit is the Bruce Gray designed custom sear. It is a bar-stock steel component, classically machined, painstakingly cut and inspected. The sear is hand-finished for the best angle of engagement and release with the factory hammer. The part is heat treated and stoned to provide a very smooth surface. We follow up with a baked-in nickel PTFE coating for a smooth release and outstanding durability.

User feedback indicates many shooters find their follow-up shots are quicker and more accurate with the Grayguns SRT Kit installed in their SIG DA/SA pistols. (See our Fit Guide below.)

Our Grayguns SRT Kit includes:

  • Bruce Gray designed bar-stock custom sear
  • SIG Sauer safety lever
  • Two, 19 pound mainsprings*

Grayguns Short Reset Trigger Trigger Fit Guide

The Grayguns SRT Kit fits modern, SIG Sauer P-Series DA/SA pistols including: P220, P228, P229, P226, P226 X-Five Allround, P227 and most obsolete versions.

Average customer rating:

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Willard M James

May 17, 2023

For the best possible single action trigger pull, the machined Grayguns Short Reset Trigger (SRT)Kits barstock Sear will have the truest ground sear engagement angle, rather than the MIM OEM SRT Kit. This will result in a crisper Hammer release.
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jason peterson

Sep 10, 2020

Great upgrade to an already super accurate P226. Follow up shots are lightning fast with less mechanics pushing shots. Fast shipping and great service.
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Justin Michels

Jan 29, 2020

First of all, I ordered the srt and the spring set on Saturday, it was in my mailbox on Monday. Unbelievable. Two days to receive my order.All the parts fit up perfect. My trigger on my P220 is now smooth in SA or DA. No more sloppy trigger. Highly recommend.
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Chris Cox

Aug 27, 2019

It has taken ALL of the take up out of my p228 as well as made the reset very positive and fast. The reset feels almost identical to the sig one but the fact that it gets rid of take up makes it worth the extra price. This pistol is like a target gun now or something. This might only be on the older models like the p228 though.
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Scott Ray

Sep 26, 2018

Does exactly what it says it does - reset distance is reduced dramatically. After having shot my P226 without it and now with it, I don't ever intend to have a Sig P series gun that does NOT have this feature - I like it that much.
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