Glock 48 9mm - Silver

Glock 48 9mm - Silver

Glock 48 9mm - Silver
Glock 48 9mm - Silver
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SKU PA485SL201
Color Silver
Manufacturer Part Number PA485SL201
Caliber 9mm
The G48 in caliber 9mm Luger is of similar length and height as the G19 but the width of the pistol is reduced for increased concealability and high carrying comfort. The magazine capacity of the G48 is 10 rounds. It comes with a silver colored nPVD coated slide with front serrations and 2 magazines.
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Ian Reck

Apr 12, 2019

I am not a "huge" fan of Glock, and originally wasn't when I started a shooting hobby. However, the more I shoot, the more I like Glock, and my Glock 48 was not exception. I bought this on shear brand reputation and how it felt in my hand at the store. It was a bit of a risk for me especially a gun just recently introduced. But I own a Glock 43 and like that too, and the 2 are related so I took the risk; and I am glad I did. I took it out for the first time, and the things I noticed most was...nothing. I did not pay any attention to it's shooting, it's recoil, it's handling and fit, because it all felt so natural. I just shot, and it was comfortable and fun. Recoil was more than manageable, better than my Glock 43. The best praise I can offer a gun is one that doesn't require me to pay attention to how I shoot and just lets me shoot and not have to adjust or compensate for something. It all felt 2nd nature. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend or anyone else looking for a comfortable and reliable shooter, something concealable without sacrificing caliber and low round count. 10+1 is not bad, and that is your max count in some states anyway. The Glock 48 must absolutely be considered for anyone's next pistol purchase. I hope this helps, or even convinces someone to buy one.
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