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Head for the range with CMMG Guns that stand for affordable AR-15 rifle quality. We carry the AR-10 and AR-15 stripped forged lower receivers from CMMG guns that are manufactured from mil-spec hard-coat anodized, aircraft grade aluminum. A special Teflon coating adds an extra element of durability. The LE series rifles by CMMG are part of the company’s economical line of firearms manufactured with dependable materials and workmanship. The base and gas piston LE models have a 16-inch M4 profile barrel with hard, corrosion-resistant coating that is designed to last. The M4 LEP gas piston rifle, that features a mil-spec fire control group and a six-position reinforced stock, is available with an optional quad rail.

Gas Piston CMMG Firearms Operate Cleaner

Our selection of CMMG Firearms offers shooters the gas piston rifle systems that operate cooler and cleaner. The firearm gases vent at the gas block rather than into the action of the upper receiver. This means less fouling in the operational system and less time spent using cleaning supplies for AR-15 maintenance. The CMMG engineering is a short stroke piston system. Each of the CMMG firearm models comes with a 30-round magazine.

CMMG Rifles with Features for Long Service

When you order complete CMMG Rifles here, you’ll soon own an AR-15 with a barrel that is WASP coated for durability, including throughout the chamber and bore, as a standard feature. These rifles by CMMG also come with a mil-spec fire control group, a forged RDIAS/RLL compatible lower receiver, a forged upper receiver with M4 feed ramp cuts, and a heat shield handguard. CMMG rifle barrels are also parkerized, and each one is magnetic particle tested to identify any microdefects.

CMMG is a manufacturer of AR-15s and their components. The company was founded in 2002 with the focus on making a quality AR rifle that can be afforded by everyone. Since those early days they have expanded and provide more value through their parts and innovative designs.