Bushmaster Carbine Rifles for Sale

Semi-automatic Bushmaster Rifles are precision engineered for peak performance. The popular Bushmaster 5.56mm/.223 caliber rifles deliver maximum durability and value. The Bushmaster Patrolman’s Carbine serves law enforcement officers, competitors and personal defenders. The A2/A3 rifles have contributed to Bushmaster’s prestigious worldwide reputation for excellence. These AR-15 rifles offer a six-position telescoping stock for easier carry and efficient handling. A chrome-lined barrel has a bird cage suppressor that helps to reduce muzzle flash. When you remove the A3 handle, sights or gun scopes can be mounted on the upper rail. Your authentic Bushmaster rifle will stand at the forefront of firearm functionality.

Bushmaster ACR, AR 15, and M4 Rifles

The integral parts on Bushmaster AR-15 Rifles are designed for years of commendable service. They feature barrels that are chrome lined in the bore and chamber, contributing to smoother maintenance and longer life. The steel components on Bushmaster AR-15 rifles receive an external coating for increased resistance against corrosion. With the beneficial Bushmaster rifle design, the handguards are protected from the effects of heat. The AR-15 carbines by Bushmaster have been adapted, with extra barrel length, from the M4 type carbines.

Bushmaster Guns for Sale Lead to Mission Accomplished

Manufactured for first-class operation, Bushmaster guns for sale take reliability to a whole new level. The receivers are lighter weight parts forged from aircraft grade aluminum. The Bushmaster gun barrel and receivers are easy to clean and built to last. The telestock and grips are formed from high quality materials for resolute strength. Our Bushmaster guns for sale ship with a factory package that includes magazine and sling. If you need a fine rifle for demanding conditions, top-selling Bushmaster guns answer the call.

Is a U.S. based manufacturer of rifles. Their popular models include XM15-E2S, XM15-CA, ACR. Each model has many configurations. Bushmaster also makes quality suppressors, and many other accessories. Bushmaster also has custom lines that it designates for law enforcement.