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At Shadow Systems, our design team is made up exclusively of exceptional shooters from a wide variety of shooting backgrounds, including combat veterans, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters. Having seen and shot just about every option out there, we’ve carefully created products with the features and reliability that we’ve always wanted in our own guns. Owning a Shadow Systems MR918, or upgrading your Glock with Shadow parts will ensure you have the very best pistol money can buy.


Shadow Systems customization packages for Glock pistols are changing the industry’s perception of value. What you get in a Shadow-customized pistol is second to none.

Shadow Systems is a group of combat veterans, law enforcement, and competitive shooters whom gathered in 2016 to create something different. Hard-use weapons designed for everyday use, and carry. Based in Texas Shadow Systems offers USA made firearms that are simply built to last.

Their MR9 models and the DR9 models offer feature packed compact (MR9) designs, and (DR9) full size models. The MR9 offers a 9MM that is feature rich compact that fits in standard G19 holsters. The DR9 will fit perfectly into a G17 holster. This way the buyers of either model do not have to completely regear when they change over to a Shadow Systems pistol.

We also like that the magazines will work as well as other gear. With most other brands you are looking at the prospect of needing to purchase hundreds of dollars of gear and accessories for your new pistol. These designs prevent that need and that is something that comes from their team of owners and dedication to providing value for their gun owners.