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With more than two decades of trusted service, the original FN Five-Seven breaks new ground in 2022, redefining handgun accuracy standards with optics-ready capabilities, enhanced ergonomics, and improved controls. The FN Five-Seven MRD's proprietary optics-mounting system consists of a series of plates that match your optic to the slide for a quick and seamless setup, simply remove the cover plate, select the compatible optic plate and screw set that match your MRD and mount using the provided hardware. The system is compatible with most common optic footprints, offering an unmatched variety of options. Its stippling and textures on the ergonomic frame as well as enhanced serrations on the slide, trigger guard and safety selector enable superior grip and control in an already soft-recoiling pistol. The internal hammer and smooth trigger pull, coupled with the long-lasting 4.8-inch cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel, provide the ultimate package to achieve precision at distance. Ships with two 20RD magazines.


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For more than a century FN has been known around the globe for making quality handguns that you can depend on, anytime and anywhere. From legendary John M. Browning designs like the 9mm Hi Power and the 25 ACP Baby Browning to today's FNX and FNP pistols, FN handguns are a timeless expression of the gunmaker's art. FNX, FNP and FN Five-seveN.

FN America is Headquartered in McLean, VA, with manufacturing operations in Columbia, SC. If you are looking for a high quality made in the USA brand you have found it. They are proud to manufacture the majority of their firearms in their factory in Columbia, SC. The only pistol manufactured outside of their main plant is the FN FiveseveN®. FN is a major military manufacturer trusted to build the M4, M16, MK46, MK48, and M240 machine guns, and the MK19 grenade launcher for the U.S. military.

From their website:

A global company with a proud, long-standing heritage through FN Herstal, we are passionately committed to providing dependable, innovative firearms of the highest quality to our customers who rely upon us to enhance their performance and safeguard their lives.