Arsenal Italy AF1 Strike One 9mm Pistol - BLK

Arsenal Italy AF1 Strike One 9mm Pistol - BLK

The Arsenal AF1 Strike One striker fired pistol is a highly innovative design featuring very low barrel bore axis, polymer frame, hardened steel slide, non-dropping barrel during cycle, changeable magazine release for left-handed shooters, a unique high position trigger hinge, a wide trigger, and a low muzzle rise design. Ships with two 17RD 9mm magazines. Made in Italy.

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The Arsenal Strike One Pistol

The Arsenal Firearms AF1 Strike One comes as a truly revolutionary gun. The completely new locking system between barrel and slide-bolt, thanks to which a whole new functionality is granted to the pistol and the operator.This new patented locking system falls under the geometric and stable category of locking systems, but at the same time configures the gun as an in-line operating barrel system, with the highest accuracy coupling tolerances to the slide carrying the open sight. The new locking system in particular allows the following notable improvements on traditional in-line barrel locking systems and dropping barrels systems:

Being located in front of the barrel chamber area and the trigger hinge area, the Strike One allows for positioning the trigger hinge much higher than traditional semiautomatic pistols, carrying the locking system above the trigger.

Being the locking system made of 2 pieces (in contrast to the common dropping-barrel systems which see the barrel and lock made of one piece) the dropping locking mass is 10 times less, reducing dramatically the vertical momentum of moving masses. This factor improves control of the firearms and re-acquisition of the line of sight in a much shorter time.

Thanks to the in-line, fully railed barrel and the double set of internal rails-guided locking block, the proposition of the barrel to the sight-carrying slide can be performed shot after shot with unprecedented tightness. This factor produces a much higher accuracy of the firearm on the target and a much longer survival of the accuracy despite wear and tear, as the contact area between barrel and slide is as much as 30 times greater than on other pistols.

The in-line barrel, front hinged locking system and higher hinged trigger group, allow the AF1 Strike One to bear the lowest bore axis to hand grip in the history of semiautomatic pistols: 12 mm. This value compares to average values of 20 to 38 mm. It becomes clear to the user how this dramatic improvement minimizes muzzle rise of the pistol, allowing immediate re-acquisition of sight alignment to the target and ultimately, control of the pistol and performance in operation.

The new AF1 Strike One locking system, due to the extremely reduced locking block mass and weight and to the very short operating geometry and to an equally innovative trigger and firing pin release system, allows an unprecedented semiautomatic fire rate even for the inexperienced shooter.

As an additional innovative element, the AF1 Strike One semiautomatic features a patented ambidextrous (2 pieces only) magazine release system, which can be disassembled by hand in 3 seconds.

The patented safety trigger system, which eliminates the common external 2-piece trigger set, provides for a much more effective safety against accidental foreign object trigger pull, pistol drop or intentional attempt to fire by criminal hands while the gun is carried in the holster by a Police Officer.

The AF1 Strike One semiautomatic pistol design and performance for the professional market is also granted by the most innovative metal hardening and surface finishing processes (Nitrogen Nitriting – Nakal Patent) which will provide a lifetime use of the product as much as 2 to 3 times longer than that of similar products. This higher than average steel grade and core/surface treatment and finish of barrel, slide and locking block, allow the AF1 Strike One to bear consistent accuracy in excess of 50,000 rounds with no decreasing ballistic terminal accuracy between the first and the last round.