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EEZOX Synthetic Premium Gun Care - 3oz. Spray Can

EEZOX Synthetic Premium Gun Care - 3oz. Spray Can

3 oz. aerosol spray of EEZOX® dry film lube CLP+. Goes on wet and lubricates dry. The unique chemistry was developed specifically for gun care, EEZOX® ELIMINATES stiff actions, jamming, residue build-up, lead and brass build-up, plastic shot wad build-up and galling. EEZOX® allows all guns to function according to factory design and, more importantly, will not impede function.


Using only EEZOX®, clean all parts of your firearm, including bore, barrel, magazines, actions, mechanisms, metal surfaces and parts. For heavily fouled or oxidized firearm, allow EEZOX® to sit for several minutes to work its magic. Make sure all residual solvents, greases, waxes and Teflon coatings from previous cleanings or lubes are removed at this time. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE ANY PRODUCT OTHER THAN EEZOX® FOR CLEANING.


When the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light coat of EEZOX® to all parts and allow to dry. If too much EEZOX® has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth, being careful to leave only a light coating of EEZOX®


Once the last application of EEZOX® has dried, your firearm is ready for use or storage. Although dry, EEZOX® continues to protect, both in use and in storage.


Once you have your gun thoroughly cleaned and protected with EEZOX®, a quick bore cleaning and wipe down after each time you fire will suffice. You will find that your actions will be much smoother and fouling buildup gets less each time you use EEZOX®. The beautiful finish says it all! JUST EEZOX® IT!


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