Ed Brown EVO KC9, 9mm - Stainless

Ed Brown EVO KC9, 9mm - Stainless

Ed Brown EVO KC9, 9mm - Stainless
Ed Brown EVO KC9, 9mm - Stainless
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Manufacturer Part Number EVO-KC9
The KC9 pays homage to the Kobra Carry, which took the industry by storm nearly 20 years ago, and has now become the iconic standard for a high end custom 1911, with its revolutionary Ed Brown Bobtail®, stainless steel base, and Snakeskin treatment. Optimized for the 9mm caliber, the KC9 inherits those same characteristics, yet is smaller, thinner, and lighter. The KC9 retains 100% 1911 controls and handling characteristics, and makes use of standard 1911 magazines, and standard 1911 grips with the Ed Brown Bobtail® cut. Some parts were completely re-designed to take advantage of modern improvements such as the new external extractor, easy-to-change front sight, smaller ledge-style rear sight, 4" bull barrel, and a flat wire recoil spring system. The re-engineered slide has been shortened to 4", thinned substantially for weight reduction, and includes a unique 7-top custom cut, with special front and rear serrations. A recessed slide stop completes the package, making for the perfect custom 9mm 1911.

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Oct 13, 2019

OUTSTANDING FIREARM AND VALUE! This is my first 1911. I really wanted to move into the high-end custom / semi-custom handfit 1911s and to experience that level of quality.

The EVO KC9 has top quality parts, build, fit and finish - the same quality that $3,500+ firearms offer. Ed Brown confirmed this fact; building KC9 in batches allowed them to offer the same quality but at the $1,895 price point, opening doors to different option batches and the 9mm 1911 market segment.

Initial Impressions:
Out of the box - actually out of the very nice and compact range bag made by Bulldog, the KC9 was everything that I was expecting. Excellent fit and finish and attention to detail.

The profile is nice and slim, yet the grips feel substantial in the hand. Bull Barrel. The “Snakeskin” pattern on the front and back of the grip is amazing - hands slide up but not down. The 7-top cut slide is really nice, as are the stylish but functional slide serrations.

The stainless finish quality is excellent.

On The Range:
The “Tactical Edge” rear sight (all-black) is new to me - the half-circle cut is very small which is awesome for precise aiming; I could see the front sight moving even when I thought that I was perfectly still - very accurate!

The front sight is the Orange HD XR in daylight and glows green at night (another first for me, and I like it!) The raised portion of the grip safety definitely helped me transition to 1911.

Mags slide effortlessly in or out with the mag release button depressed. However, a firm press (but no whack) is required to insert with 9 + 1.

The mag release is firm, but I don’t find it to be a problem - I’d rather have a firm press than mags accidentally falling out. Reach to the mag button requires adjusting your grip or a second hand.

Two 9-round mags are provided (including plastic base plate extensions for optional use.) I’d rather leave the mag extensions off, and like the reference of feeling the flat mag baseplate siting flush.

The manual safety is quite firm as well, especially when activating the safety. Body mechanics make it easier to push DOWN for safety off. This is actually good for concealed carry, as I doubt that the safety would easily “walk” to the off position.

The trigger is really crisp to the point that I thought that it was heavier than the trigger spec of 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. Top Gun measured the trigger pull at just under 4 pounds - exactly to spec. I am anticipating the trigger break loosening up a bit at around 500 rounds.

Ed Brown recommends 115 or 124 grain ammo, stating that 147 grain might be a bit much especially with cartridges a bit on the long side. Federal or Winchester White Box recommended.

The EVO KC9 ate all the ammo that I fed it without a hiccup. Federal and Winchester were out of stock, so I ran S&B 115gr and 124gr FMJ, SIG 124gr Elite V-Crown JHP, and Hornady 115gr Critical Defense (a very short round.) This gun feeds well!

Accuracy is so awesome that I am actually getting bored with paper targets! I just ordered some steel targets from MGM Targets in AR550 hard steel... REALLY looking forward to them! Hickok45 has an excellent video on shooting steel safely.

There are not many Ed Brown EVO KC9s around in inventory. Scoop one up if it appeals to you! I found it to be an excellent entry into custom 1911s.

My experiences with Top Gun Supply have always been excellent.
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Lloyd Gibilaro

Jun 22, 2019

Excellent well built gun. I am completely satisfied and look forward to dealing with you again in the future. It is a beautiful gun.
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