Bulgarian Makarov PM Pistol 9x18 - No Circle 10

Bulgarian Makarov PM Pistol 9x18 - No Circle 10

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Manufacturer Part Number BULGMAK-NOMARK
Caliber 9x18 Makarov

Bulgarian Makarovs for sale! Package includes two magazines, holster and a coating of grease. Graded by the importer as unissued and inspected by us prior to shipping. Note: We are running out of matching logbooks, so you may or may not get a logbook. We are out of matching serialized magazines, so you will still get two magazines, but they may not match the serial number of the firearm. These are surplus military pistols just off the boat from Bulgaria. Chambered in 9x18 Makarov, the Makarov Pistol was made in five different countries; Russia, Bulgaria, East Germany, China and Germany post-unification. These are not the Polish or Hungarian pistols, which are completely different firearms with only the caliber in common. This model is the cream of the crop of com-bloc military pistols. These particular guns are unlike what we have ever seen as far as condition! These were graded as UNISSUED and from what we have seen, this is very possible. They are definitely excellent to like new. Expect some storage marks and scratches as these have been packed in crates. The PW Arms import mark is crisp and smaller than we typically see. The military Makarov PM pistol has not been imported in any quantities in the past decade. For those unfamiliar, the Makarov is extremely accurate and reliable. There is a finite number of these available, so don't miss the opportunity to own a collectible piece of history. Not C&R qualified. *Note, these pistols do not have the circle 10 markings on the side of the pistol*

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