Ameriglo Tritium Night Sight Set - AR-15 - FRONT POST & PEEP REAR

Ameriglo Tritium Night Sight Set - AR-15 - FRONT POST & PEEP REAR

Ameriglo Tritium Night Sight Set - AR-15
Ameriglo Tritium Night Sight Set - AR-15
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Weight 2.00 oz
SKU AR-250
Manufacturer Part Number AR-250
UPC Code 644406900016
Color Green

Green tritium night sight set for all versions of the AR-15 & M-16 rifle with a post front and peep rear.

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Feb 7, 2019

AmeriGlo sights rock; plain and simple! I have 'em on all of my pistols and now my Colt AR-15. I recommend getting a certified/qualified gunsmith to install 'em, but after that... happy shooting! These sights are great on my AR. They leave a lot to be desired while shooting in INDOOR ranges, but once outside? Unless you're Stevie Wonder, you WILL be able to see your front sight when you're shooting outside! These sights (AmeriGlo's AR-250) are worth the money and the only place I could find where they weren't back orderd was Top Gun Supply (thanks, Brad!). Again, WELL worth the money! I'm glad I bought this sight combo by AmeriGlo.

Outdoors, the front sight is illuminated enough for a shooter to be able to tell where it is. The rear sight could be marked better to see the number of clicks (L or R) a shooter has adjusted, but all in all, they're more than efficient.

AmeriGlo also includes a sturdy front sight tool with the purchase. In my opinion, if you can even find these AR-250 sights anymore, you'll be glad you bought 'em for your own AR. They are locked on!

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