MGW Sight Pro Shoe Clamp - Walther PPK/S

MGW Sight Pro Shoe Clamp - Walther PPK/S

MGW Shoe clamp designed to fit the MGW Sight Pro Universal Tool. Each shoe clamp is designed specifically for different handguns and is quickly installed or removed by loosening the shoe clamp mount. MGW Walther PPK/S (NOT PPS), CZ Model 83 & Walther PP22 Shoe Clamp


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MGW Sight Pro Sight Adjust/Install Tool - UNIVERSAL

MGW Sight Pro Sight Adjust/Install Tool - UNIVERSAL

The MGW Sight Pro Universal Installation Tool is designed to remove a variety of front and rear sights on semi-automatic pistols. No longer will you need a sight tool for each individual pistol, the universal tool accepts gun specific shoe clamps which allows for one tool to work on multiple handguns. This reduces the amount of clutter on your work bench and is a more economical tool for those who require multiple sight tools. The Sight Pro shoe clamp knob holds each individual shoe in place and four slide support brackets secure the slide to prevent twisting or shifting. This rigid design allows for the user to remove the sights without damage or marring to the slide. Includes step by step installation instructions and DVD demonstrating proper use of tool. Does not include shoe clamp as they are specific for each pistol.

The current MGW Sight Pro Tool includes updated design changes to make sight installation even easier. Due to customer feedback regarding purchasing the 30 degree angle block separately, MGW has improved the design of the main body to make it easier to swap out the pusher blocks. As a result of the design change, MGW now provides both pusher blocks (30 degree/Straight) with the SP1000 tool.

Updated design changes:

The support shaft that is opposite of the threaded T-handle was smooth with no key. In order to remove the shaft which is Left Hand Threaded into the main threaded shaft, it was necessary to clamp the smooth support shaft in a vise. This risked damaging the smooth surface and could gall in the aluminum body. This was the reason MGW initially offered a complete carriage assembly for each block. With the new design, the left hand threaded support shaft now is a 416 SS material (was low carbon blued steel) with a 1/4 hex broach in the end. The support shaft can now be quickly and easily removed to swap out blocks with a standard 1/4" hex allen key supplied in this kit.


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Vortex Optics Torque Wrench

Vortex Optics Torque Wrench

Tighten to the specified torque and not a smidgen more! Adjustable in 1 in/lb increments, this tool is easy to read, simple to set, and offers fast, accurate tension whenever and wherever you need it.

  • 5 Hex Bits
    • 9/64"
    • 3/16"
    • 2 mm
    • 2.5 mm
    • 3 mm
  • 3 Torx Bits
    • T10
    • T15
    • T25
  • 1 Screwdriver Bit
  • 10 mm wide
  • 1 Socket
  • 1/2 " Socket
  • 1/4" Socket Adapter


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Gun Sight Tools

If you have gunsmithing skills, you can install, remove and adjust sights with the appropriate gun sight tools. Choose from factory tools by gun manufacturers or opt for gun sight tools by respected toolmakers. If you have a 1911 handgun, we carry a convenient front sight tool that is designed to streamline this task. Achieve a tighter fit faster with a front sight staker, while reducing the chance of a stray hammer strike. Here at Top Gun Supply, we sell gun sight adjustment and installation tools for the most popular firearm brands, including:

  • Glock
  • Sig Sauer
  • Beretta
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Springfield Armory
  • Gun Sight Installation Tools Also Aid in Removal

    Here at Top Gun Supply, we have variety of sight installation tools to work with front gun sights, rear fixed sights, and angled side sights. We sell gun sight installation tools to help you with the rear sights of standard 1911 pistols. We can provide you with the correct tool for installation and adjustment of rear fixed sights on Beretta models. Of course, there are exceptions to every install tool, so be sure a tool will work with your specific model, especially if they are wide or tall.

    Gun Sight Adjustment Tools Serve Multiple Purposes

    If you have a semi-automatic pistol, it's recommended that you keep the right sight adjustment tools on hand. A universal sight installation tool will install, remove and drift most sights on semi-automatics. On a number of Sig Sauer pistols, you can adjust a range of sights with a gun sight adjustment tool developed for these firearms. In fact, our tools will aid in the adjustment of sights for guns such as the Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Glock, and H&K.