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Bastion Gunsmith Combo tool for Glock Pistols

Bastion Gunsmith Combo tool for Glock Pistols

Bastion Gunsmith Combo tool for Glock Pistols. A must-have for any cleaning kit and range bag. This sturdy gunsmith tool combo kit makes it super-fast and simple to field strip your Glock and remove the locking block, trigger housing and trigger pins AND properly install and remove front sights.


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Armorer Tools

Gunsmiths and armorers – time away from the workshop is well spent if you’re shopping our site, because we’ve got the tools to make tasks easier! Start off or expand your collection of armorer tools with a multi-piece armorer’s punch set that includes hammers, as well as steel, brass and delrin punches. Purchase handy pin and roll pin punches in smaller sets. If you’ve got a Glock gun, take a look at the factory armorer’s tool used to disassemble Glock pistols. In addition, we stock an assortment of Glock parts too. A padded bench mat creates the perfect protective place to work on handguns. Once your workspace is covered, use a multipurpose, combination armorer tool for Sig Sauer handguns. It’s got the right screwdriver tips for everything Sig Sauer gunsmiths may need from taking out grip screws to installing a mainspring.

Gunsmithing Tools Equal Repairs Done Right

If you work on guns, you know the right gunsmithing tools make a world of difference! The 1911 versatile tool from Wilson Combat is a gunsmithing tool value; it’s actually an array of tools in one compact unit. Disassemble and assemble a 1911 automatic pistol with this tool. We’ve also got calipers and bits, plus a combination bit set that works on those common grip screws. Safeguard AR-15 rifles while working on them with lower receiver vice blocks and upper receiver action blocks. Keep a multi-use AR-15 tool nearby to assist you. A comprehensive 1911 tool kit supports pistol work that requires pin punch, hex drives and a variety of screwdriver sizes. For rounding out your tool kits, also take a minute to see our sight installation tools.