SureFire Tactical Lights

They’re compact, rugged, powerful and efficient. SureFire Tactical Lights for handguns and long guns give you intense output. With the famous X300, you get advanced features in a unit that weighs just a few ounces. A 110-lumen white beam illuminates to the front with beneficial reach, plus lights up surrounding areas for improved peripheral vision. The X400 takes the winning X300 package and adds a high visibility red laser sight. Once you’ve determined the target, the bright red dot reveals exactly where shots will hit. An internal microprocessor in a SureFire tactical light maximizes the light’s runtime on both models, so you get over two hours of tactical level output. These SureFire tactical lights shine on while resisting shock and vibration effects.

SureFire Weapon Lights Give Intense Output

Built for the pinnacle of performance even in harsh environments, Surefire Weapon Lights are compact and recoil-proof. Their LED emitters are designed to be virtually indestructible. You can attach these weapon lights securely to your integral pistol rail or add an adapter to rail-free pistols. A SureFire weapon light emits a brilliant white beam generated by lithium battery power. With Surefire’s high tech models, you use just one finger from either hand to set the weapon light to a momentary or constant on setting.

SureFire Combat Lights Feature Smooth Control

SureFire Combat Lights come with a laser sight feature that allows shooters to easily alternate between white light and laser options. You also have fingertip switching control over blindingly brilliant beams. SureFire combat lights mount easily on many handguns with a Universal or Picatinny rail and most long guns with a Picatinny rail. When tactical lights are absolutely essential, rely on a combat light from SureFire, the tactical technology company. Shine some light on a less than safe situation with SureFire.

Find the Right Surefire Light for Safety and Security

SureFire tools are engineered for optimal performance. Find the Right Surefire Light for your safety and security. They are precision manufactured to produce optimal beams. SureFire lights are extremely resistant to impact. They’re tough stuff in a lightweight unit. On SureFire tactical tools, the transparent covering that protects the reflector and lamp is called the window. The windows on a SureFire weapons light, and those on many surefire led flashlights, are made of tempered and coated glass to handle temperatures changes amazingly. We’ll help you find the right SureFire light!