5.11 ATAC Flashlight Clip

5.11 ATAC Flashlight Clip

The 5.11 Flashlight clip is designed for easy and secure access to your ATAC flashlight. The narrow design of the clip takes up minimal space and easily attaches for pocket or belt carry. Compatable with all ATAC family flashlights.


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5.11 Tactical

A 5.11 LED Flashlight Offers Tactical Illumination

If you want definite illumination, carry a 5.11 Flashlight. In a dark setting, 5.11 flashlights help you see without holes and ring effects. It’s the tactical technology known for compact flashlights that place brilliance on what lies ahead. Imagine a lighting tool delivering three, four, or even five times more light than the standard, 2 D-cell battery flashlight. Need a flashlight that also contributes to self-defense? Look no farther than 5.11 flashlights. Some models feature a strike bezel for added security. They also offer LED flashlights that supply two effective light sources in one unit. It features a high output spotlight plus low intensity LEDs. Work in darkness with LED low light and still maintain your night vision.

Shooting in Darkness is Easy with the Right LED Flashlight

5.11's options in gun flashlights include powerful equipment compact enough to fit in your pocket. We have duty illuminators and general use lights … aluminum bodies and ultra-compact, lightweight designs. We offer rugged dual output LEDs with an amazing duration of light on a set of batteries! Think about the long running times required in various situations, from hunting to backpacking to weather emergencies.

Use 5.11 Flashlights for Tactical Safety and Peace Of Mind

If there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it should be from a 5.11 flashlight. Top Gun Supply is proud to be an authorized dealer of 5.11's renowned, high-intensity flashlights for outdoors, self-defense, military, law enforcement, and all-purpose applications. We sharpen your perspective with everything from pocket flashlights to tactical lights.