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You guys are totally awesome. I always receive my orders within three days, and your prices are always at least competitive and often better than any other online retailer -- and usually, even paying for shipping -- cheaper than I get quality merchandise locally. Been ordering through TGS for a few years now, and NEVER been disappointed. Keep up the great work! Many thanks to your whole team at TGS!



Sig Sauer Sights

Sig Sauer Sights keep the tactical and competitive shooter prepared with innovative sighting solutions. We stock Sig factory contrast rear sights that fit a variety of Sig models, as well as the standard white dot front sights. The factory sights provide you with a clear sight picture. Front and rear sights can be drifted for windage, if required. Sighting is part of smooth shooting, and Sig Sauer sights deliver with durability and a highly visible front sight. The Sig Sauer Rotary Diopter rear sight is optimized for the SIG556 rifle and provides four stations for accurate engagement at various distances. Owners can achieve windage and elevation adjustments without tools. This sight works in conjunction with the hooded front sight. Both front and rear sights feature steel construction. If you’re searching for competition precision, consider fiber optic sights for your handgun. We are your source for virtually everything Sig, including factory gun grips and sig sauer barrels.

Sig Night Sights for Brighter Low Light Shots

Get on target with Sig sights! In addition to our factory Sig Sauer sights, we also stock aftermarket, bright and resilient Sig night sights from respected makers. The Trijicon three-dot night sight set fits many Sig P Series models. Trijicon assembles its sights for lasting strength and operational safety. The sight blades are machined from steel, and you can expect years of lamp illumination. You’ll also find the tall front tritium night sight for suppressed Sig pistols here, made by Ameriglo. When the light is lacking, trust your aim to Sig night sights from the major sight manufacturers. Is it time to put night sights on your defensive weapon? Let us help you order sights that are the ideal combo of strength and illumination.