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Pistol Rugs

Have gun, will travel. Look like a serious shooter out at the range with pistol rugs that lie flat for shooting rest. Choose from three sizes of padded pistol rug cases that smoothly zip open on two sides. Zippers are lockable and sturdy; quality stitching contributes to case support when the gun’s inside. Protective fabric on the outside and soft padding on the inside means your gun can go with you and still be away from the firing line of dings, dust and dirt. You may be using an old bag or case to carry your pistol to the range or to store it at home. Instead, use gun gear specifically designed to safeguard the condition of a valued pistol when it’s in transport or storage.

Consider how much you have spent on your pistols, and then you will see the proper gear that respects them comes at a small cost. Putting your Smith & Wesson pistol uncovered into a drawer or cabinet is asking for scratches on the finish. Cushion the finish in premium padding with one of our pistol rugs in small, medium or large sizes designed to fit most pistols. If you are traveling with several pistols, buy a pistol rug for each gun and then you can carry them together without contact. Determine which rug size is best for your handgun according to its barrel size in inches. For example, a three-to-five inch barrel will require a medium pistol rug. Gear up with handgun storage, handy
magazine carriers and more. If you have a question about which type of protection is best for your handgun, its size and specific features, just contact us for more information. Don’t leave home without our accessories!