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, I recently ordered a Sig x-six level 1 from you folks. I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service. You shipped it within 2 hours of my phone call and my dealer got it 2 days later and I was shooting it the next day. Thank you very much. By the way Sig did everything right on these x-sixes. This is a very, very good gun. You must have hand picked one for me with the best test target since I have shot some 5 shot groups under 1 inch at 25 yards. Your loyal fan, Les


Meprolight Night Sights

Meprolight Night Sights are bright ideas in gun technology. The company produces an extensive collection of night sights, including tritium accessories for safety and security. Meprolight is a leading supplier of tritium sights with combat proven performance. They ensure significantly increased hit probability in low light conditions. These Meprolight night sights are in use by military and law enforcement worldwide because high quality has made this company a principal night sight supplier. Gain rapid target acquisition in most any lighting with the right sight!

Adjustable Meprolight Night Sights Go from Day to Night

Adjustable Meprolight Night Sights reflect high-tech design, production, and testing. We stock a wide selection of fixed and adjustable sight models from this maker that are designed for many popular weapons, as well as shotguns, AR-15s and AK-47s. For daylight, Meprolight night sights feature a distinct white outline around the tritium ampule. In darkness, this ampule provides illumination. Adjustable Meprolight night sights deliver unparalleled low light performance. We offer adjustable models of tritium night sights by this industry leader for a variety of pistols, such as the HK USP full size pistol. We’re also your source for tactical lights and state-of-the-art gun sights.

Meprolight Tritium Night Sights Deliver in a Range of Conditions

Meprolight Tritium Night Sights utilize a maintenance-free source of light to aid in sight acquisition. Tritium light sources don’t need any external energy and give owners up to 12 years of light in a range of conditions. Perhaps you need tritium night sight sets with an elevation adjustment up to 1000 meters for AKM style rifles. Or a Meprolight Tritium Night Sight for a Colt Government/Commander. Order night sights specially made for a Browning pistol. See Meprolight sights organized by manufacturer to meet specific requirements.