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I am 110% satisfied with the way your company conducts business. I am amazed at how quickly my items arrived in the mail. And I am especially satisfied with the outstanding prices that you offer on your website. The items I received are exactly what I required. I will definitely go to your website first for my future purchases and will recommend you to all my associates. Thank you!


Magpul PMAG Dust Cover - GEN 2 MOE - BLACK - 3PK
Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate - BLACK
Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate - FLAT DARK EARTH
Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate - OD GREEN

AR-15 Magazines

Top Gun Supply provides an extensive array of resilient AR-15 Magazines from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. The materials demonstrate durability whether they’re composed of ultra strong steel, high impact polymer, or aluminum. The metal AR-15 magazines are treated with anti-corrosion coatings that include black Teflon with a hard anodized finish or manganese phosphate. Choose from leaders in gun magazine construction and ongoing advancements who are ready to offer you AR-15 mag assets, ranging from followers that prevent feed failures to sturdy steel spring construction.

Magpul Magazines Built to be Practically Invincible

The positive features seem virtually endless on world renowned Magpul Magazines. The PMAG is a lightweight, but tough-wearing, 5.56 NATO, AR-15 and M-16 compatible magazine. The PMAGs aim to be invincible with impact resistant polymer construction. A constant-curve interior design encourages smooth feeding and an anti-tilt follower is self-lubricating. The impact cover protects the feedlips from damage, while keeping unwanted elements out of the magazine. The stainless steel spring fights corrosion, and a textured surface delivers secure handling. There are multiple reasons Magpul magazines are hot commodities for combat, security and accurate shooting the world over.

Temperature Extremes Don’t Faze Polymer Magazines

Make smart choices in long-lasting equipment. The impact and climate resistant properties of polymer magazines are nothing short of amazing. It’s hard to faze them, even with temperature extremes, sharp drops, hard falls, and chemical exposure. The steel components within the magazine bodies are also corrosion resistant thanks to inventive coatings, plus special grip designs support speed during tactical changes. We equip you with indestructible polymer magazines from Lancer Systems, Magpul and Sig Sauer. From polymer mags to gun magazine carriers, we’ll help you make the right choices for your firearm!