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Train with your own weapon! Gun training barrels allow you to demonstrate or practice with your gun, conveniently and securely. Remove your gun barrel and replace it with a plastic training barrel in a safety color. We carry gun training barrels for specific models, including the Glock, Sig Sauer and Springfield XD. Participate in realistic scenarios and provide relevant presentations more easily and safely. In comparison to the average plastic weapon, the training barrel is lighter, smaller, less expensive, and more transportable. It is chemical and impact resistant and its simple attachment procedure requires no additional equipment or tools. Even with these barrels in place, your gun will still fit into many types of holsters. Reduce the risks of potential accidents and advance a range of training elements with bright training barrels, part of our full line-up of gun barrels for shooters.

Practice Equals Preparedness with Blade-Tech Training Barrels

Blade-Tech training barrels easily replace the functioning barrels in semi-automatic handguns, while allowing for full slide function. As a principal manufacturer of training accessories, Blade-Tech offers options for the shooting industry, such as law enforcement instructors, military trainers, or civilian firearms’ instructors. Competition shooters and gun dealers also benefit from Blade-Tech products.
The Blade-Tech training barrel can assist with training in: weapon handling, disarming, weapon retention, close quarters combat and tactical maneuvers. Bad habits are more easily erased and proper techniques established with practice that includes training barrels. Once proficiency has been proven, the training barrel can be replaced with the actual gun barrel. Achieve more lifelike training sessions for dry-fire weapon handling with training barrels. Also purchase the ultimate in concealment gun holsters from Blade-Tech at Top Gun Supply.