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Customer Testimonials
Just wanted to thank all the folks at Top Gun Supply! TGS is my first source when in need of Sig Sauer parts. I just recently purchased an X-Five and couldn't be more happy with the firearm and the level of service I got from Top Gun. Within a couple of hours of receiving my dealers FFL, I received an email notifying me it had shipped. This my friends is why I made the choice to buy from TGS. The great thing about this company is, you get the same level of service whether your buying one recoil spring or spending a couple grand on a firearm! The "thank you" written on all my receipts is a very nice touch. Thanks Top Gun Supply! regards, RJ


Gun Conversion Kits

If you can field strip a firearm, you can install the .22LR gun conversion kits. The kits contain complete assemblies for converting guns, such as the popular Sig Sauer models. You are not modifying the gun, just converting it by installing a .22 slide and barrel assembly of the quality to support precision accuracy. With a hard coat anodized aluminum slide assembly from a performance-oriented maker, you know it’s time for some serious practice. Continual practice helps owners excel at safe and accurate shooting, and gun conversion kits encourage you to know your weapon well. The right gun grips will also elevate the excitement at the range. From conversion kits for handguns to other types of gun conversion kits, we’ve got conversion in our sights.

Handgun Conversion Kits Offer Simple Economy

Your 1911 handgun can be converted to use the affordable .22 ammunition. Order convenient handgun conversion kits that keep shooting simple. We have kits that fit four- and five-inch single stack 1911’s. The handgun conversion kit for the 1911 includes slide assembly, barrel, recoil spring assembly and a .22LR, 10-round magazine, so you are ready to shoot in minutes. Let handgun conversion kits, available for a number of models, support efforts to gain complete control of the shot from your stance to your trigger squeeze. Enjoy outstanding performance and lighter recoil in your shooting sessions. Purchase your handguns and tactical gun parts from us for the ultimate in customer support.