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Customer Testimonials
, I recently ordered a Sig x-six level 1 from you folks. I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service. You shipped it within 2 hours of my phone call and my dealer got it 2 days later and I was shooting it the next day. Thank you very much. By the way Sig did everything right on these x-sixes. This is a very, very good gun. You must have hand picked one for me with the best test target since I have shot some 5 shot groups under 1 inch at 25 yards. Your loyal fan, Les


Gun Cleaning Brushes

Gun cleaning brushes make up an essential category of gun care. Our brushes stand up to the fouling and deposits inside your gun. Order a better-quality nylon brush that will retain its shape even after challenging cleaning tasks. Well-constructed nylon gun cleaning brushes remove unwanted materials without damaging the bore. They offer flexible, multi-directional cleaning for a variety of gun cleaning jobs. For a gentle, yet efficient clean, bronze phosphor brushes wipe out lead and fouling fast, yet never hurt the bore. The bronze phosphor brush bristles are made to last, but are soft to the touch and washable after use. We sell both bore brushes and utility brushes in nylon and bronze phosphor. Find a gun brush designed for your particular caliber for a spic and span bore.

Shotgun Cleaning Brushes Remove Residue

A utility cleaning brush hits those hard to clean areas of your guns, such as breech faces. Every firearm requires periodic deep cleaning, so order shotgun cleaning brushes when it’s time to do it right. Nylon bristle brushes resist the wearing effects of many solutions. Bronze phosphor bristles work well to wipe away powder and lubrication residues that accumulate on your shotguns over time. Shotgun cleaning brushes in the proper length, diameter and design will work effectively, last longer and still remain gentle on your gun parts. When you keep the correct gun cleaning supplies on hand for your firearm, the task of cleaning gets so much simpler! Be sure to use brushes, gun cleaning patches, and other supplies made specifically for gun cleaning applications to protect your investments.