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Just wanted you to know that every time I've needed a SIG product I have been very happy with your business. I recently switched over to a full size 220 for duty and a compact carry for off-duty and once again you came through with mags for both at the best price available. About two years back I broke the trigger bar to my duty P229 DAK and you sent me one before I could even get it from SIG. I will continue to use your business and will recommend you to anyone else that owns a SIG handgun. Great Business and Great Customer Service!




Hard-working DPMS guns are built by a major U.S. manufacturer of AR-15 rifles for law enforcement, military, civilians, security agencies, top competitive shooters and big game hunters. DPMS provides top quality AR-style rifles, components and accessories, offering an exciting variety of styles and configurations of AR rifles that cater to everyone from the first time buyer to the experienced shooter. Introductory level carbines, such as the Panther Sportical, serve as accurate “plinking” guns that connect the sporting and tactical worlds of the AR-15. The DPMS guns come with plenty of extras, including two magazines, a sling, and cleaning kit.

DPMS Rifles Shoot for Precise Marksmanship

You can order affordable rifles from a company founded to deliver precision in manufacturing and marksmanship to its customers. The production line-up of DPMS rifles includes a very popular AP4 Carbine, based on the M4 profile frequently in the hands of troops and law enforcement. The upper receiver accepts an optic assortment. The DPMS philosophy of supplying simple, yet still effective, AR-15s continues with a “lite” version of the DPMS rifle. This carbine is named for a 16” light profile barrel. Though lightweight, it brings effective velocity for a range of sporting and tactical shooting. When building a rifle, browse our AR 15 parts for DPMS lower receivers.

Accurate DPMS Rifles for Sale Give Buyers Configuration Choices

Get a firearm that lives up to its name, with the strength and power of a panther. DPMS rifles for sale include Panther models that differ in styles and configurations but are all rifles manufactured to excel at accuracy. DPMS rifles for sale include a Semi-auto Sniper System for shooters with comprehensive requirements. It’s a precision long range rifle designed for those who also need to respond to closer encounter shooting scenarios successfully.