Bulgarian Makarov PM Pistol 9x18

Bulgarian Makarov PM Pistol 9x18

Our Price: $289.95

Brand PW Arms
Manufacturer Part Number BULGMAK
Caliber 9x18 Makarov

Bulgarian Makarovs for sale! Package includes one magazine, holster, lanyard and a coating of grease. These are surplus military pistols chambered in 9x18 Makarov. Expect minor to moderate bluing wear, storage marks and scratches as these have been packed in crates. The PW Arms import mark is crisp and smaller than we typically see. Not C&R qualified. Note: These come with black grips and the red star grips. We are out of stock on the red grip screws.

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David Beasley

Nov 7, 2015

Long time customer here but was knocked out by this purchase...got an order off quick & received a Mak that appears to have never even been handled possibly...no wear anywhere....could not be more pleased. Cannot remember ever being less than 100% satisfied with this bunch of folks...ever.
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Jim Adair

Nov 14, 2015

I cannot say enough about the quality of this gun, pristine and my first Makarov. Perfectly described. I ordered the gun after they had closed, sent an email to Brad with my FFL information and the gun was shipped and received within 3 days. As most of you know, a gun is a gun is a gun and brand X from one vendor is the same as brand X from another vendor. This is where Top Gun Supply stands out though. Communication and shipping was immediate, thorough. You just simply cannot ask for better service than what they provided. Kudos to you at Top Gun Supply!
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Jan 22, 2016

What a find!
These are the Bulgarian Makarovs that are for sale from a few retailers right now (although many are selling out). Topline is the one of the few sellers that includes both issued mags and matches their serial numbers to the pistol. For your money you get (or at least I did and I have no reason to assume the rest would be any different) an unissued pistol with a basic cleaning done (outside rub down with mineral spirits), 2 numbers matched mags, original red grips, black range grips if you want them, holster (mine was black), leather lanyard, cleaning rod, and the original Slovenian logbook with issue and decommissioning stamps (mine was issued 1988 and decomm’d in 2004). The PW Arms stamp is on the slide, but is very small and clean. All this for less than some retailers are selling them with a single unmatched mag.

I intended to order and then realized Topline is in my city, so I was able to visit their storefront. It’s a very clean / well-kept place with a courteous staff and good prices. They even showed me photos of the crates that these pistols shipped over in, which was cool. They brought two pistols out to the counter that were both so nice that it literally came down to a slight mold mark in one of the grips and the fact that one had a serial ending in “007” that made me pick one of the two. I paid my monies, took my new prize home, pulled the grip off, baked it for 20minutes at 150, detail stripped the pistol and soaked the parts in mineral spirits for an hour, brushed/rinsed off the spirits, baked it again to evaporate the moisture and reassembled the pistol and treated it to some Break-Free CLP.

The result, is the most immaculate Makarov I could possibly ask for. The bluing is nice and even, no scratches and it cycles great. And to think I spent all of $40 more with tax than I bought and sold a used Bulgarian with random mags and no accessories.

Like anything Milsurp, YMMV, but I’m beyond pleased and can’t wait to put some rounds through this neat bit of history.

Advantages: Best deal out there on non-issued Bulgarian Maks currently.

Disadvantages: None really, unless you just really hate cleaning out cosmoline, but that's what these are in such amazing shape.
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Jim D.

Nov 15, 2015

I began collecting Makarovs about 12-13 years ago. I have several of them. The bulgy I just got from Top Gun is awesome! I can't believe the condition. The one I received couldn't have ever been fired or carried. The bluing is all there, sans a couple fine scratches if you look really, really close. This is the cleanest Mak I have to date. Thank you TGS!
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Jeff S.

Dec 29, 2015

BAD - Got a handpicked, but the claim of being de-greased is an exaggeration. I still had to detail clean the gun to banish all the cosmoline.

GOOD - The gun I got looks LITERALLY brand new. Also the import marks don't look like complete poop, which is a nice bonus.

Get one now, if not for the quality then because they ain't getting any cheaper.
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