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Just wanted to thank all the folks at Top Gun Supply! TGS is my first source when in need of Sig Sauer parts. I just recently purchased an X-Five and couldn't be more happy with the firearm and the level of service I got from Top Gun. Within a couple of hours of receiving my dealers FFL, I received an email notifying me it had shipped. This my friends is why I made the choice to buy from TGS. The great thing about this company is, you get the same level of service whether your buying one recoil spring or spending a couple grand on a firearm! The "thank you" written on all my receipts is a very nice touch. Thanks Top Gun Supply! regards, RJ


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AR-15 Stocks

Magpul AR-15 Stocks Put Quality in Your Hands

Step up to leading edge AR-15 Stocks with the latest designs and features. Companies are breaking new ground in AR-15 stocks with the incorporation of revolutionary extras into existing designs. We also carry the Magpul original equipment stocks. This line provides a cost-effective alternative to standard stocks while delivering Mapul’s engineering and materials’ excellence. What do you gain from an upgraded stock? There are designs that avoid snags and prevent accidental activation. Power lock mechanisms guard against auto-collapse failure. Rubber butt-pads prevent slippage even for shooters wearing body armor. Take a look at the advantages!

AR-15 Handguards Offer Safety with Mounting Options

Lightweight AR-15 handguards supply operator safety and mounting options. The Magpul handguard contains multiple slots for mounting tactical lights and other equipment on rail sections. Polymer construction is made to last and weighs less. Placing heat resistant AR-15 handguards on a gas system rifle provides the shooter protection and a simple mounting method. The Magpul innovation continues with a heat shield inside the handguard. You’ll also see the Magpul name in our broad line-up of AR15 magazines and gun sights!

AR-15 Buttstocks Made by Magpul are Full of Features

It’s time for fast action with AR-15 Buttstocks made by Magpul. The drop-in replacement buttstocks, such as CTRs, can be ordered for carbines using mil-spec receiver extension tubes. Magpul created an A-frame stock profile to prevent snagging and protect the release latch. For rifles with A1 or A2 fixed stocks, drop in a precision-adjustable AR-15 buttstock made by Magpul. You gain the effect of a precision target stock. Or secure a UBR, an adjustable buttstock with fixed stock stability, extreme impact resistance, and improved handling on full-length rifles. Then there’s the ACS drop-in highlighted by increased stability and compartmental storage. Magpul means stock choices!