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22Uplula Speedloader - Wide Body .22LR Mags

The 22UpLula is made from the same quality of products and design that you have come to expect from Maglula. The new 22UpLula is designed for wide body .22LR mags greater than 1/2." Use the BabyUplula for mags less than 1/2." Quickly and easily loads and unloads your magazines!


BabyUpLula Magazine Speedloader - UNIVERSAL PISTOL .22 to .380

The Baby UpLula is made from the same quality of products and design that you have come to expect from Maglula. The new BabyUpLula is made to with with most .22 and .380ACP pistol size magazines. Quickly and easily loads your magazines!

Will not work with Sig .22LR conversion magazines, but does work on Mosquito magazines.


HKS Magazine Loader - 450

  • Colt All 7 Rd. and some 8 Rd. 1911 magazines
  • Llama .45ACP
  • Auto Ordnance 1911-A1, Pitbull
  • Springfield 1911-A1
  • Safari Arms GI, Matchmaker
  • Other single stack magazines…


HKS Magazine Loader - 941

  • Beretta 92, 96, and 98 series, Cougar (not 8045), (Also Compacts), Military M9
  • Springfield Armory P9, XD9, XD40, XD357 except SubCompact
  • Ruger P91, KP91, P944, KP944, PC4
  • MRI Baby Eagle
  • S&W 9mm 915, 946, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5926, 5946, 6904, 6906, 6946, SW99
  • Daewoo DP51
  • Taurus PT92 (C) PT99
  • Llama 9mm (13)
  • Walther P99, P88 & Compact
  • Witness 9mm (13 & 16), .40 Cal. (9 & 12)


HKS Magazine Loader - Adjustable - 451

  • Colt Large Frame Single Line Magazines 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Super, .40 Cal., 10mm - many of the 8RD 1911 magazines including Wilson Combat #47D
  • Ruger P90, P97
  • Sig 220, 239
  • Astra .40 Cal.
  • Safari Arms
  • Llama
  • Star Fire Star .40 Cal.
  • S&W Single Stack Magazines .40 Cal., .45 ACP., 10mm
  • Kahr K40
  • Norinco .45 ACP
  • Para-Ordnance C6


HKS Magazine Loader - GL453

  • Glock 20, 21, 10mm, .45 ACP
  • HK USP45


HKS Magazine Loader - GL940

  • Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23
  • HK USP9, USP40 and USP40 Compact
  • S&W Sigma 9mm & .40 Cal.


HKS Revolver Speedloader - 10-A

.38 Spec. & .357 Mag., 6 shot.

  • S&W 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, K-frame
  • Dan Wesson
  • Charter Arms
  • Taurus 606, 65, 66, 80, 82, most 6-shot .357
  • Rossi 84, 971, 951, 851


HKS Revolver Speedloader - 25-5

.45 Long Colt, 6 shot.

  • S&W 25-5
  • Taurus .45 LC Raging Bull
  • Ruger .454 Casull 6 Shot

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Name Brand Magazine Speed Loaders for Your Firearms

If the words fast and easy belong in your shooting day, it’s time to buy gun magazine speed loaders. Loading a magazine is no longer a “hard on the hands task” with this accessory. Reduce time spent loading a magazine so you have more time to shoot. Reduce the pressure you need to exert to load certain magazines. We sell a number of different loader models that work with a range of magazines. Discover a reasonable price on an efficient loader that fits any budget. The loaders we sell work with many of the gun magazines we stock. So you get your gun magazine speed loader and magazines in one place. The loaders travel with you to the range and make the most of your minutes on the firing line. Plus, you get fewer chances for pinched fingers. On our site, find a stripper clip and loose rounds magazine loader, and unloader, for an AR-15. Order a factory loader that coordinates with your .357 Sig. Choose from military quality magazine speed loaders that take the pressure out of loading and make the process significantly speedier. If you own a large capacity firearm magazine, you know getting the rounds to the top can be a challenge. Give yourself a break and get a loader. Buy a universal magazine loader that loads many single and double column handgun magazines easily. It will work with plenty of 9 mm and .45 ACP pistol magazines and its compact size won’t take up much room in the range bag. Unload and load your magazine safely and more comfortably with our magazine loaders. Purchase gun magazine adapters right here too.