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Ghost Inc

Ghost 5.0 Tactical Trigger Connector

Ghost 5.0 Tactical Trigger Connector for Glock pistols.

Ghost Inc

Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector

Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector for Glock pistols.


Glock Factory Connector - 5 lb

Glock Factory 5 lb. Connector. Fits all models.



Glock Factory Connector - 8 lb

Glock Factory 8 lb. (+) Connector. Fits all models.


Ghost Inc

Ghost 3.5 Trigger Connector GEN 1-4

Ghost 3.5 Trigger Connector for all generation Glock pistols.

Ghost Inc

Ghost 3.5 Ultimate Trigger Connector. GEN 1-4

Ghost 3.5 Ultimate Trigger Connector for all generation Glock models.

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Glock Connectors

Quality Replacement Connectors for Glock Firearms

Obtain your desired trigger pull with Glock Connectors from the factory in eight and five pound sizes. Changing out connectors with factory parts ensures that you still have the Glock safe action trigger properties. For the placement of critical components, such as connectors, factory parts are a smart choice. Most Glock pistols are fitted at the factory with a standard, five-pound connector and the trigger spring. This results in an average trigger pull to match the requirements of the majority of shooters. You’ll notice that an eight-pound Glock connector is marked with a plus sign. This is the connector for the user seeking a heavier trigger.

Glock Replacement Connectors for Consistent Accuracy

Glock parts give you the flexibility to make your handgun truly your own. Incorporating Glock Replacement Connectors can customize the firing of the gun. For example, a heavier connector will require additional force during the final stage of firing. The angled standard connector requires a lighter trigger pull. The consistent trigger pull of the Glock is one reason many owners choose this gun. Some owners can install Glock replacement connectors with minimal time commitment. If you’re not handy with reassembly, contact a gunsmith! Check out our comprehensive array of gun parts from leading manufacturers and gun makers.

Glock Trigger Connectors Ensure Smooth Operation

Make sure your shots are on target. Achieve a consistently crisp trigger pull and smooth operation with Glock Trigger Connectors. Glock handguns contain some revolutionary features in firearms manufacturing. Glock trigger connectors are part of a unique trigger mechanism. Replace or repair your trigger connectors with factory replacement parts that contribute to accuracy with every shot. Most every glock part imaginable is available in our special parts section.

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