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Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat 5" 1911 Match Grade Drop-in Barrel - STAINLESS

Wilson Combat 5" 1911 Match Grade Drop-in Barrel

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1911 Barrels

Drop-in 1911 barrels deliver stellar accuracy while providing the extremely accurate advantages of a match barrel thanks to a superb lock up of the contact areas. Barrels with bushing are included in our line-up of Wilson Combat parts. Wilson Combat tests its barrels multiple times during manufacturing. If you own a Colt or Springfield pistol and have been debating a drop-in, take a look at our 1911 barrel products. We have barrels fully machined from stainless steel bar stock to fit the full-size Colt pistol. Own a 1911 barrel that’s an after-market addition machined for enhanced precision from superior quality steel forgings and then heat-treated for accessory longevity. We stock manufacturers that utilize unsurpassed grades of barrel materials in construction of a part that complements the 1911 pistol completely.

As you work to stay in the black on the target and in your bank account, you’ll want to check out our 1911 barrels that provide real value. These barrels have been machined from solid grade stock and then hardened to 40-42 HRC and rifled on site. You will find both fit and finish of the product contribute to compatibility with your gun and exactness in your shot. We anticipate accuracy will surpass your expectations, especially in relation to product price. Our 1911 barrels are just one category within our complete collection of handgun barrels. As you shop through our site for barrels, take a minute to see our selection of thread protectors as well.