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Buffer Retainer Spring - AR15/M16

Buffer retainer spring for AR15/M16 style rifles.


CMMG AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

CMMG LPK Lower Receiver Parts Kit. Includes all of the parts to build your lower.


DPMS AR-15 5.56mm Lower Receiver - COMPLETE ASSEMBLY AP4

The DPMS AP4 AR-15 .223 / 5.56 complete lower receiver assembly is forged from 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy and tempered to T6 Condition. Hardcoat anodized per Mil-A-8625 and black Teflon coated. Complete assembly including a telescoping 6 position stock.



DPMS AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

DPMS Panther Arms AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit includes: Pistol Grip, Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector, Selector, Bolt Catch Spring, Detent Spring, Bolt Catch Buffer, Take Down Detent, Bolt Catch, Magazine Catch Spring, Bolt Catch Roll Pin, Magazine Catch Button, Magazine Catch, Front, Pivot Pin, Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, Pistol Grip Screw, Pistol Grip Lock Washer, Selector Spring, Detent Selector, Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin, Take Down Pin, Buffer Retainer Pin, Buffer Retainer Spring and Disconnector Spring.


DPMS Commercial Carbine Buffer Tube

DPMS Commercial buffer tube. 1.17" diameter.


DPMS Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube

DPMS Mil-Spec buffer tube fits any Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver.

Ergo Grips

ERGO GRIP AR-15 Trigger Guard Gapper

The Ergo Gapper fills in the gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip to prevent potential abrasions to your knuckles due to sharp edges. In addition to providing for a smoother contour, the Gapper also gives the rifle a more "finished" look.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele AR15 Super 3 Gun Trigger

The Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger is the semi-automatic only version of the two-stage Super Select-Fire (SSF) combat trigger developed for the U.S. Special operations community. The Super 3 Gun Trigger features a shortened length of pull and a very rapid reset that give it a unique, hybrid trigger pull that is a cross between a traditional two-stage and single-stage trigger while still retaining the safety and durability of a two-stage combat trigger. The S3G combines match-grade semi-automatic performance with a smooth single-stage full-automatic feel to make a fast, robust trigger for 3 Gun competition shooting.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele AR15 Super Dynamic Combat Two Stage Trigger

The Geissele Super Dynamic-Combat Trigger is based on the Geissele SSA non-adjustable combat trigger. Like the SSA, the SD-C features a sear design that provides a wide margin of safety against unintentional discharges yet still gives the user a sharp trigger release. The SD-C incorporates a flat trigger bow that is patterned after the flat triggers of the M1911 pistol. This allows for a perceived lighter pull weight and improves tactile feedback to the user. Constructed from precision-machined tool steel. Ideally suited for CQB and Designated Marksman applications.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele AR15 Super Dynamic Enhanced Two Stage Trigger

The Geissele Super Dynamic-Enhanced Trigger is based on the Geissele SSA-E non-adjustable combat trigger. Like the SSA-E, the SD-E features reduced first and second stage pull weights to achieve a smooth first stage take-up and a crisp second stage break. The SD-E incorporates a flat trigger bow that is patterned after the flat triggers of the M1911 pistol. This allows for a perceived lighter pull weight and improves tactile feedback to the user. Constructed from precision-machined tool steel, the SD-E is ideally suited for applications that require extreme accuracy and reliability.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele AR15 Super Semi-Automatic Two Stage Trigger

The Geissele Super Semi Automatic is a drop-in, non-adjustable combat trigger designed for the U.S. Special Operations community. With Special Operations in mind, the SSA is suitable for CQB, to mid-range carbine work. The SSA features numerous features that make this trigger one of Geissele's most popular options. Trigger and hammer are made from quality tool steel to ensure ruggedness and dependability. Full force hammer spring is used for quick locktime and positive ignition of all types of ammo. A lightened hammer decreases locktime and increases accuracy. First stage pull weight is approximately 2.5 lbs. and 2 lbs. on the second stage for a total of 4.5 lbs.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Trigger - Service Rifle - Small Pin

Designed for NRA High Power Service Rifle competitive shooting, the Geissele Hi-Speed Service Rifle Trigger is one of the finest upgrades for your competition rifle. Approved trigger for use in CMP sanctioned competitions such as: National Trophy, NTIT, and all Excellence in competition matches. The Service Rifle trigger features a single stage pull weight of approximately 3.2-5lbs and a second stage pull weight of 0.5-1.5lbs. Service trigger pull weights feature most of the pull weight on the first stage, allowing for an icicle sharp second stage break.

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AR-15 Lower Receivers

Find the Assembly Parts You Need for Your AR-15 Lower Receiver

Creating a high performance rifle can lead to a preoccupation with acquiring parts. Don’t spend hours on different sites when we have the top quality AR-15 lower receivers and parts you need for inspired building. Gain well-crafted equipment for enthusiasts and pros that can be counted on for a good fit, durable workmanship, and excellent shooting for years. Our line-up of AR-15 lower receivers and parts includes both stripped parts and assemblies. Access forged receivers manufactured from mil-spec, hard coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum. CMMG’s popular lower receiver, stripped for the semi-auto AR15, is made with these materials, and a special coating adds enhanced durability. Look to us for receivers, plus comprehensive parts sets, and field repair kits. Items such as push button pivot pins, trigger assemblies, and hammer pin sets are within our AR-15 parts pages.

Quality AR-15 Lower Receiver Assembly Offers Peak Performance

If you’ve got competition fever, an AR-15 lower receiver assembly comes complete with a collapsible stock and National Match two-stage trigger. Or order a drop-in, match grade modular trigger assembly for your rifle that can be installed in minutes. Prominent names in lower receiver manufacturing can be found on our site, including Rock River Arms, CMMG, DPMS and Stag Arms. If you’re building your own gun, follow the lead of top rifle manufacturers and choose equipment for the long haul. You want a dependable, consistent performer. When it comes to field duty, a forged AR-15 lower receiver assembly shares a robust strength that’s greater than a cast receiver. Our manufacturers, like DPMS, use forged high grade aluminum, anodized to mil-spec, in their lower receiver assemblies. Remember, our rifle section includes exciting choices in AR-15s that are range ready now.