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Hello. Got my Glock 19 Gen. 4 today. Along with the Glock 36 and SIG P220 .45 Compact I got from you, you couldn't ask for smoother transactions. I'm very satisfied with TGS. Thanks a lot! Brian



During critical shot situations, Springfield Rifles perform. The Springfield Armory M1A has a design that’s based on the M14. The M1A family is built to be mission versatile, accurate and rugged. It’s utilized by competitors, military personnel and police officers. The M1A SOCOM rifles from Springfield Armory put power in a compact design. They can serve as close-quarter battle rifles or accurate distance shooters. They have 16-inch barrels and features that reduce muzzle rise dramatically, so follow-up shots are fast and accurate. The scope base works well with high-tech optics. The M1A Scout Squad rifle also boasts the compactness of the SOCOM line, yet it features a longer barrel for quick handling and distance shooting. The Scout Squad is a preferred rifle for law enforcement applications with its barrel length and forward-mounted optical base. The Springfield Armory has a historic heritage dating back to America’s first days. Today, Springfield continues its traditions with forward-thinking designs in its rifles and handguns.

Famous Springfield Firearms For Sale Supply Versatility and Accuracy

Top Gun Supply proudly offers Springfield Firearms for sale. From its exclusive line of 1911 light rail guns to its advanced XD polymer pistols, Springfield firearms are built for tough tasks. Find the right Springfield firearm for sale that meets your specific needs, whether that’s winning matches or home defense preparations. Look at all the Springfield options. The Loaded Stainless 1911 has a fully stainless steel frame and slide, while the competition-ready Trophy Match features low profile adjustable rear and dovetail front target sights and a forged stainless steel frame. The Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 models incorporate military enhancements, like a high hand grip and beveled magazine well. You’ll also find the best holsters for Springfield handguns for sale here, including Blade Tech holsters for XD models.