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Springfield XD High-Capacity Magazine

Engineered for excellence, the factory Springfield XD magazine is an original part built to exacting specifications. As the first name in American firearms, this manufacturer has developed ergonomically advanced Springfield XD handguns. We provide magazines for the full size, compact, and sub-compact XD pistols in multiple calibers. We stock the factory magazines for the XD Springfield models that have been designed as superior self defense pistols. Save time and avoid frustration by choosing quality factory parts that load easily and shoot smoothly. If failure is not an option, order a genuine XD mag, manufactured to precise tolerances for specific handguns. Remember, we carry magazines for the 4-inch and 5-inch 9mm XD models, and for the xd9mm subcompacts. We also let you know when a 16-round Springfield XD 9mm magazine is in stock and ready to ship. Springfield Armory stainless steel magazines are designed for reliability and durability. Quality manufacturing and materials are featured in original parts that deliver consistent operations. These magazines offer real value for the range, duty or personal defense.

Springfield XD Magazines For Sale Deliver Solid Reliability

Shoot round after round without hang ups. Top Gun Supply is your source for factory replacement Springfield XD magazines for sale. We’ve got great gear for both XD and XDm models. You’ll find Springfield XD 40 magazines for standard and subcompact handguns. And maximum firepower is always within reach with properly fitting and functioning magazines for 45 ACP pistols. Having extra magazines in your range bag is a no-brainer. So see our affordable Springfield xd 9mm prices today. Also get closer to your goal of flawless feeding with Springfield Armory mags for 40S&W, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP handguns. They’re built to last!