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Maglula Speedloaders

Load up quickly and safely. Maglula Speedloaders have been built to military standards but are available for use by both civilians and professionals. Get loose rounds in and out of your mags rapidly, comfortably and reliably with innovative speedloaders from Maglula. Constructed from highly durable polymer, these loading accessories offer advantages for military, law enforcement and personal use. The essential Maglula rifle speedloaders include the Lula and StripLula. Owners of the AR-15, M16, M4, M1A or another rifle can depend on the Lula. This speedloader model facilitates faster and easier loading and unloading while also dispensing the mag adapters. The StripLula assists shooters in loading loose rounds or rounds from stripper clips, as well as in unloading from the magazine. For handgun loading that’s free of finger stress, Maglula makes the UpLula and BabyUpLula. These lightweight, universal pistol magazine loaders reduce loading time significantly. The UpLula loads virtually every type of single and double stack handgun magazine, including the majority of 1911 magazines. The BabyUpLula streamlines the loading of .22 and .380ACP pistol size magazines. With this Maglula pistol speedloader, you can load a wide range of narrow, single-stack pistol magazines from a variety of manufacturers.

Originally developed in Israel for military applications, the Maglula speedloaders take extra effort and hand discomfort out of the loading equation. Plus, your magazines are more protected during loading and unloading processes. The compact and lightweight Maglula designs mean you’ve got speedloaders that are easy to transport. The BabyUpLula even fits in a pocket. Load more rounds in more rifles and handguns, from a Glock .45 to an Uzi, with a dependable quality magazine speed loader.