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EOTech Holographic Weapons Sight

Sweep the zone with confidence using an EOTech holographic weapons sight. These highly advanced and tactically versatile sights get you on target fast with both eyes open. State-of-the-art electronics support accuracy and are specially housed for shockproof performance. These sights also offer extended battery life and user-friendly controls. We have a variety of EOTech models with features ranging from night vision compatibility to CQB capabilities. Each tactical weapons sight boasts a heads up display that eliminates blind spots and vision distortions. Holographic patterns, which are designed for instinctive sighting, are visible in a full range of lighting conditions. The sight reticle adapts effectively, allowing you to pinpoint a target at top speed, even a moving one. The EOTech holographic weapon sights for rifles bring you leading edge, combat-tested devices which have proven reliability in extreme environments. They meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement and military, while also serving recreational and sports users.

Reflex, Rifle, and Red Dot Sights for Sports, Military and Law Enforcement Users

Achieve rapid target acquisition with reflex, rifle and red dot sights built to stringent specifications. Gain visibility in all lighting situations with adjustable dot intensities and a range brightness levels. You may want a tactical rifle sight that has both manual and automatic dot adjustments. You may be looking for windage and elevation adjustments that provide accurate alignments. Top Gun Supply is your source for consistently dependable and rugged gun sights and tactical lights at competitive prices. We also stock reflex and red aiming dot sights that excel during close combat. You?