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You guys are totally awesome. I always receive my orders within three days, and your prices are always at least competitive and often better than any other online retailer -- and usually, even paying for shipping -- cheaper than I get quality merchandise locally. Been ordering through TGS for a few years now, and NEVER been disappointed. Keep up the great work! Many thanks to your whole team at TGS!



X-Grip Magazine Adapters

Crucial capacity is boosted by X-Grip Magazine Adapters. The patented X-Grip adapter design allows you to use a large magazine in a compact gun. Adapt a higher capacity mag for a smaller handgun, and extra firepower becomes immediately accessible. With X-Grip magazine adapters, conversion is simple. We stock mag adapters for specific 1911s, as well as certain Sig Sauer, Walther, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and HK models. The versatile X-grip adapters give professional shooters increased flexibility. These users can conceal a compact pistol with its corresponding mag, while also carrying a full-size magazine. If additional rounds are required, the increased capacity is available. X-Grips are built from hard-working and long-wearing materials to perform in the harshest environments. They’re made to stand up to conditions faced by military and law enforcement personnel in the line of duty. These magazine accessories are manufactured to precise tolerances for a solid assembly that blends into the frame.

X-Grip Mag Adapters Increase Capacity Safely and Securely

Secure-fit X-Grip Mag Adapters slide over standard
gun magazines and lock up solidly between the floorplate and the grip. You won’t need tools for the insertion or removal. When in place, the X-Grip adapter unites uniformly with the handgun for a safe and accurate performance. So you don’t have to alter the appearance of your classic 1911 to augment ammo availability. Each of the unique mag adapter designs is based on ergonomics that support gun control and hand comfort. Check to see if there is an X-Grip compatible with your compact handgun today. Experience the versatility and peace of mind of X-Grip mag adapters for increased capacity on your side.