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Hi, Michelle! I am always nervous when ordering from a company for the first time. There are many unscrupulous people out there, especially in the fire-arms industry (as I have learned,) who will take an order and charge your credit card WITHOUT mentioning the fact that they don't actually have ALL the parts in stock, and may not ship the items for weeks or months! Well, I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I appreciated doing business with you! Your service was quick, the info provided was correct, your shipping was fast, your e-mailed order confirmations were instant and detailed, your prices were fair, the parts I ordered were in-stock and perfect, I never had to spend 20 minutes navigating a spanish-speaking computer-telephone maze to talk to you,... It was truly a Pleasure spending my hard-earned money with you! Did I miss anything? WOW! I will be looking forward to our future transactions. Please send me a catalog, if you have one, or at least keep me on you e-mail list for special sales! Thank you very much!


Sig Sauer P226 X-Five TACTICAL, 9mm, Night Sights, SAO

Sig Mastershop Pistols

Handcrafted Sig Mastershop Pistols are built by expert gunsmiths in a master gunshop in Germany. They are standouts in any gun collection, serving as high performance pistols and masterpieces in gun creation. Previously limited to sale in Europe, Top Gun Supply proudly brings you the Sig mastershop pistol. Each one is built by hand to exact specifications and fine tuned so you receive a unique pistol with extraordinary function, fit, and finish. From the ultimate handguns to the best brands of hearing protection, we support your competition success. The Sig Sauer X6 mastershop pistols unite engineering advancements and surgical precision in an all stainless steel target pistol. With customized performance, match skills reach new heights. The P220 X-Six L1 .45ACP pistol delivers accuracy with its adjustable competition sights, adjustable SAO trigger, blended magazine well, eye-catching Nill wood grips, sophisticated finish and six-inch match grade barrel.

The Sig Sauer X6 for the Pursuit of Perfection

The Sig Sauer commitment to flawless design and engineering perfection is clearly evident in the Sig Sauer X6. The X-Six competition guns are hand-built in the Sig mastershop in Germany by skilled craftsman. And you reap the shooting rewards. Custom modifications are made to the sights, trigger, barrels, grip plates, and even the finish, to create the Sig Sauer X6 – a pistol of distinction. Though every Sig Sauer handgun is created for a legendary look, feel and results, the Sig X6 pistol is in a category of its own. First, it attracts attention for its striking appearance, and then, for supporting your precision. Skilled marksmen may also want to view our X-Five handgun selection. For a one-of-a-kind firearm, look for the Sig mastershop designation.