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Sig Sauer Extractors, Pins and Springs

We offer pages and pages of original factory parts, including Sig Sauer extractors, pins and springs. Even the smallest parts play a pivotal role in the technical innovations of this manufacturer. Sig Sauer provides a maintenance schedule that includes recommended replacement intervals for extractors and extractor springs based on the rounds fired. If you need a Sig extractor for either a carbon steel or stainless steel slide model, check our parts pages first. You may have a P220, .38 Super with a carbon steel slide. If so, we’ve got your extractor. Or maybe you own a P226 in .40/357 with a stainless steel slide. Your extractor is here too. Our product descriptions detail which particular factory Sig Sauer extractor, pin and spring you need for your model. Be prepared and order extractors for your 9mm Sig handgun, including one for the P239 model, before you absolutely have to have one. Having parts on hand for your defensive weapon equals greater peace of mind. You can also find the extractor springs and pins for Sig Sauer models with external extractors, such as the stainless steel slide model P226 and P229. These are parts which will coincide with the maximum precision of your well-crafted instrument.

Gun owners will want to order factory components from official parts distributors. Top Gun Supply is designated as an official distributor of Sig parts and accessories. If you have questions about which Sig extractors, pins and springs work with your pistol, please contact us. Look to us for everything Sig-related, including products for preventive measures. We’ll steer you to cleaning supplies for routine care or snap caps for functions testing. We are working to help you maintain optimal readiness of your semi-automatic.