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Ruger Night Sights

High-tech Ruger night sights are manufactured according to the highest standards to increase a user’s hit potential. Our top-selling, high quality night sights have been developed for the armed forces, law enforcement, and civilians. The Meprolight night sights for Ruger handguns deliver exceptional performance. They’re bright sighting solutions for night and low light scenarios. Tritium Ruger night sights provide years of effective night sighting and come with the generous illumination warranties. Tritium is the no-maintenance light source that makes Ruger night sights from Meprolight a dependable option in a variety of lighting and weather conditions. While shopping for your Ruger sights, be sure to check out our other Ruger accessories. We stock HKS magazine speed loaders for Ruger models and Don Hume holsters for revolver concealment.

Rugged Ruger Tactical Night Sights for Illuminated Aiming

Act faster. Rely on self-illuminating Ruger tactical night sights for reliable aiming in a range of lighting environments. No battery power is ever needed for operation. We carry tactical night sights for a variety of Ruger models. Though the adjustable and fixed sights employ advanced technology, they’re easy to use and built for maximum dependability. The Meprolight products meet U.S. military specifications and are designed to give users greater security in tactical applications. They’re brighter than most conventional night sights, and their sealed light tubes are unaffected by recoil. During the day, tactical shooters use bold white dots for fast alignment. At night, the sights transition to tritium illumination. Get the advantage of Ruger tactical night sights that are manufactured according to stringent quality controls. So you can improve safety in low light or dark conditions with more accurate shooting on your side.