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Remington Shotguns

You’ve got the most famous, made-in-America shotgun at your shoulder when you own one of our Remington Shotguns. Two tactical leaders from Remington are the pump action 870 or the gas-operated, autoloading 11-87, with both models delivering renowned accuracy. The best-selling 870 is a tradition in its own right, and the police models incorporate the advancements required to serve today’s law enforcement and protectors of safety. Each 870 receiver is machined from a single unit of steel for matchless strength and longevity. Double action bars create smooth performance and non-binding action. With the Model 11-87, the pressure-compensating gas system meets a variety of close-in shooting needs, because functional reliability and Remington shotguns go hand in hand.

Remington Shotguns Include Models with Moisture Resistance

With our Remington Marine Magnum you can have bead or ghost ring sights. They feature sure grip synthetic stocks for weather resistance and matte finishes. In the case of the Marine Magnum by Remington Rifles, the 12-gauge 870 comes with the ultimate in corrosion resistance, even when subjected to water. The special nickel plating covers each metal piece, including barrel interior and receiver. An extended magazine on this tactical shotgun increases firepower. Need a rifle for some three gun competition? Look through our extensive line of firearms.

Remington Firearms Deliver Maximum Firepower on the Job

When you need dependability, Remington Firearms are on the job. The law enforcement version of the Model 11-87 shotgun is a workhorse supplying maximum firepower. It was designed for low recoil and greater control, even during rapid fire. The components from receiver to barrel are treated for resistance to moisture and scratches. The 870 Police Magnum 12-gauge shotgun is easy to maintain and built to be a leader in performance. Optional features include a collapsible stock with pistol grip and combat sight. When on the move with your new Remington firearm, utilize the stability of our shotgun slings.