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You are a first rate company to deal with. I received my accessory shipment promptly (today via USPS)and the invoice was signed with a “Thank You” from JoAnn. In today’s business environment it is the personal touch that makes a big difference. The Sig556 is due to arrive tomorrow and I understand the problems UPS is having with the “Great Snow Storm”. Keep up the great job and thanks again.


GSG-5 Flashlight Adapter
GSG-5 Fore Grip
GSG-5 Tactical Mount

GSG-5 Accessories

GSG-5 Parts In Stock and Ready to Ship

Make every shooting excursion count. Prepare your rifle with the right GSG-5 accessories from Top Gun Supply! Enhance your shooting experiences with a folding or retractable stock for your German Sport Gun. These GSG-5 accessories replace the standard fixed stocks. You can also mount a tri-rail, tactical handguard on your GSG-5 for safety and versatility. With this stable handguard, you can secure a factory foregrip or one of our highly reliable tactical lights on the rifle. The handguard is a versatile accessory that lets you mount a variety of tactical gear to your GSG5. Keep in mind that we’re also your home for innovative tactical flashlights and sights. With the low cost of GSG-5 ammunition and our reasonable parts’ prices, you can purchase the perfect accessories for the rifle that’s an ideal plinker, trainer, and small game hunter.

GSG-5 Parts Support the Sports Experience

Find rifle parts to equip and support the cost effective GSG-5, a popular replica of the MP5 in a .22 caliber. Browse our GSG-5 parts that are manufactured for structural integrity and ease of installation. Add GSG-5 parts to a rifle that takes excitement out to the field and onto the range. Parts which are specially made for the GSG-5 make beneficial partners for your German Sport Guns. Order a tactical mount that’s made to match the GSG-5 carbine. This mount provides a secure surface for equipping your rifle with a number of accessories, such as your favorite gun optics. You’ll keep your GSG-5 performing up to high standards with magazines that can be swapped out quickly and are ready to feed consistently. They’re available within our extensive selection of rifle magazines. Accessories and parts for the GSG-5, including stocks, mounts and magazines, are waiting for your adventures!