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M1A / M14


M1A and M14 Magazines for Sale

High quality M1A and M14 magazines for sale deliver performance materials and components. We sell magazines from the leaders in rifle and gun accessory manufacturing, including Check-Mate Industries. You can buy original M1A and M14 magazines for sale, at affordable prices, that feature superior durability and high level functioning. Our steel rifle mags with parkerized finishes are guarded from rust, and wear and tear, by their protective coatings. We stock the top magazines for your M14 or M1A rifle that have been designed and built to contribute significantly to your objectives even in the most severe field conditions. These popular mags for M1A and M14 rifles are proven performers in a wide range of applications.

Steel M1A Magazines Survive Extreme Environments

Reliable M1A magazines serve law enforcement personnel and civilians. These are the rifle mags that offer strength and corrosion resistance. Their magazine tubes feature premium grade steel covered in a phosphate finish. We have U.S.-made magazines for M1A rifles from Checkmate, a government contractor and top OEM for leading firearms. Order M14 and M1A mags that are made to last longer at Top Gun Supply. And if you’re looking for a great M1A, see our Springfield rifle selection. We also stock essential rifle slings for secure M1A and M14 carry.

Rugged M14 Magazines Feed Smoothly

Our USGI-spec M14 magazines are available in capacities that range from five to 25 rounds. The anti-tilt followers on these M14 rifle magazines are designed for action with consistent feeding. The springs are manufactured for greater endurance, and the tubes are heat-treated for strength. The proud military heritage of the M14 is supported by magazines which have been rigorously developed and tested for the utmost dependability.