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Lone Wolf Barrels

Conversion and match grade Lone Wolf Barrels lock up for exceptional accuracy. Lone Wolf Distributors makes conversion barrels that drop into the Glock handgun for a superior fit and function. To gain shooting flexibility and save on range costs, convert your Glock caliber with Lone Wolf barrels. Shoot 9mm ammunition from your 40 S&W or 357 Sig pistol with a made-for-action conversion barrel. These gun barrels are precision-machined from heat-treated, select grade stainless forgings and offer tighter dimensions than the original barrel. The Lone Wolf match-grade barrels are also pre-fit for specific Glock models and designed for improved accuracy. They feature the highest grade of 416 stainless forgings. No gunsmithing is required, and the drop-in should take just minutes to perform. Once the conversion or replacement barrel is in place, Glock handgun owners gain the versatility to load lead, plated or jacketed bullets. Check out the Lone Wolf lifetime warranty to learn more about this maker’s dedication to excellence.

Lone Wolf Glock Barrels for Tighter Tolerances and Exceptional Accuracy

Match-ready Lone Wolf Glock barrels are CNC machined and heat treated for dedicated service. Built to last a lifetime, these drop-in Glock barrels deliver renowned accuracy and beneficial affordability. Features such as match-grade broach cut rifling keep competitors in the running. And competitive shooters go through a lot of ammo. Lone Wolf Glock barrels offer standard groove and land rifling so gun owners can shoot their choice of lead, plated or jacketed bullets. Range enthusiasts also appreciate the Lone Wolf lock-up design for winning shot-to-shot accuracy. See our product descriptions to determine the gun models that correspond with each Glock replacement barrel. Whether you’re switching gun barrels to save on ammo or to prepare for a shooting tournament, Lone Wolf Glock parts lead the way.

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