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LMT .308 Rifle, Modular Weapon System, 16 in.
LMT COMPLIANT CQB MRP Defender Rifle, SOPMOD Stock, 5.56 , 16 in.
LMT CQB MRP Defender Piston Rifle, SOPMOD Stock, 5.56 , 16 in.
LMT CQB MRP Defender Piston Rifle, SOPMOD Stock, 6.8, 16 in.
LMT Defender Complete Lower Receiver with SOPMOD Stock, Two Stage Trigger and Ambi Selector
LMT Defender Standard Model Rifle, SOPMOD Stock, 5.56, 16 in.

LMT Rifles

Dependability-driven LMT Rifles are recognized for their superior design and manufacturing standards. Lewis Machine & Tool Company built a sterling reputation providing products for military, law enforcement and government applications. Today LMT weapons systems are available to civilians too. LMT is known for making top functioning components that perform consistently in the roughest conditions. All parts of an LMT rifle are completely U.S. made. The barrels are specially treated to increase on-target shooting. Every barrel must pass a magnetic particle inspection and conform to mil-spec standards before use. The .308MWS from LMT unites caliber power and flexibility in a highly functional system. Features such as adjustable rear sights, a tactical grip and an ambidextrous magazine release contribute to a firearm that exceeds expectations. LMT rifle systems are precision made and combat-based. Now competitive and sports shooters can experience the relentless reliability of an exceptionally accurate LMT rifle.

Combat-Proven LMT Guns for Sale Meet Exacting Standards

Invest in quality for extreme demands. Genuine LMT guns for sale are manufactured from the highest grade materials for firearm reliability. The LMT Defenders are standard AR-15 rifles, yet their details make all the difference. Take the cryogenically treated, chrome-lined barrels that enhance accuracy and component life. Or consider the company’s SOPMOD buttstock that focuses on the comfort of the shooter with reductions in felt recoil and slip-free contact with body armor. This is a buttstock trusted by military and special ops teams. Take advantage of the adaptable LMT system. It allows owners to quickly remove a barrel for cleaning or a switch out. We proudly offer LMT guns for sale in packages that include magazine, rifle sling and rail panels.