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Kimber Conversion

1911 .22 Conversion Kits for Your Firearms

Put in some extra 1911 trigger time will the help of a Kimber conversion. Take pleasure in the Kimber workmanship that allows you to rack up some rounds, while you enjoy shooting .22LR out of your 1911 frame. Become one with your gun by training affordably with less expensive ammo. The Kimber legacy for manufacturing excellence supports conversion fit and accuracy. The single unit, metal slide assembly goes on easily. Simply field strip your 1911 to the frame and then slide the Kimber conversion components on quickly.

Kimber 1911.22 Conversion Kits Reduce Training Costs

Gain experience with your 1911 firearm, perfect your form, erase bad shooting habits, reduce the cost of training, and of course, just have fun shooting. Accomplish all these goals with the assistance of Kimber Conversion Kits. Swap from a .45 to a .22 with a Kimber conversion kit that comes with a magazine. You also can shop for extra gun magazines on our site. The convenient kit includes an aluminum slide assembly featuring adjustable sights, barrel, and recoil spring assembly. The .22 conversion kit works with 1911s which have full-size frames and traditional, non-ramped barrels.

Perform a Fast and Easy Kimber 22 Conversion

Convert from centerfire to rimfire with a Kimber 22 conversion. Our rimfire kits from Kimber can be installed in minutes, because no modifications are required. No mainspring changes needed. It’s quick and easy! Perform a Kimber 22 conversion on most four- to five-inch single stack 1911s. If you have a question about the fit with your 1911, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We are here to assist you in purchasing any of our gun conversion kits.